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Course Categories for Profession: Chiropractic Doctor
Category Instructors
Abuse - Child and Elder Richard Saporito, DC
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Michael Megehee, DC
Acupuncture Ivo Waerlop, DC - Ivo Waerlop, DC/Russ Fasolino DC, Lic Ac - Kristen Halland, DC, DABCA - Paul Sherman, DC
Acupuncture - Certification James Ventresca, DOM
Addictions Angelica Redleaf, DC
AIDS and Infectious Disease Brett Kinsler, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD - Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Alabama Chiropractic Law Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Anatomy Dissections Richard Saporito, DC - Robert Schwer, DC
Animal Chiropractic Ann Seefeldt, DC, CVSMT
Anti Aging Certificate Program Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar - Non CE multiple
Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar for CE multiple
Biomechanics Ivo Waerlop/Shawn Allen, DC
Boundary Training Angelica Redleaf, DC - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN - multiple - Richard Saporito, DC
Boundary Training - Patient Communications Brett Kinsler, DC
Breathing Essentials Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS, FCAMPT
Business and Commerce Robert Affolter, DC
California Xray Technology Course Melanie Osterhouse, DC, DACBR
Chiropractic and Pregnancy Karen Gardner, DC - Shawn Thistle, DC
Compliance Daniel Reida, DC - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC
Connecticut Laws and Regulations Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Core Stability Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS, FCAMPT
Cultural Competency Angelica Redleaf, DC - Richard Saporito, DC
Diagnostic Imaging Dev Batungbacal, DC - Gary Italia, DC, PhD - Jan Martensen, DC, DACBR - Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN - Melanie Osterhouse, DC, DACBR - multiple - Paul Sherman, DC - Robert Affolter, DC - Steven Weiner, MD, DC, DACBR
Documentation David Taylor, DC, DABCN, FIACN - Gregg Friedman, DC - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC - Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP - multiple - Paul Sherman, DC
Documentation - Clinical Justification Gregg Friedman, DC
Documentation and Coding Gregg Friedman, DC
Electrodiagnosis Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN
Emergency Procedures Brett Kinsler, DC
Endocrine System Robin Mayfield, DC - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD
Ergonomics Robin Mayfield, DC
Ethics for Professionals Angelica Redleaf, DC - Jacob Ladenheim, JD - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Saporito, DC
Evidenced Based Outcomes Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Joshua Goldenberg, ND
FAA BasicMed Physician Training Michael Megehee, DC
Forensic Science - Diplomate Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP
Gender and Sensitivity Angelica Redleaf, DC
Georgia Jurisprudence Board Rules Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Geriatrics Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Michelle Binkowski, DC - Shawn Thistle, DC
Guidelines for Manual Techniques Bryan Born, DC
HIPAA Training Jill Foote - Healthcare IT Specialist - Paul Sherman, DC
Homeopathy Richard Powers, DC
Human Trafficking Richard Saporito, DC
Impairment and Disability Rating Functional Capacity Exam Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage Robert McCabe, PT, OCS
Iowa Board Administrative Code Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
LGBTQ - Clinical Considerations Richard Saporito, DC
Management of Common Conditions Ivo Waerlop, DC - Jennifer Illes, DC - Kristen Halland, DC, DABCA - multiple - Robert McCabe, PT, OCS - Shawn Thistle, DC - Todd Turnbull, DC
Manipulation and Technique David Taylor, DC, DABCN, FIACN - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Linda Simon, DC - multiple - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Shawn Thistle, DC
Maryland Jurisprudence Board Rules Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Medical Errors Dean Smith, DC, PhD
Medical Marijuana Emmett Hughes, DC
Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans Richard Saporito, DC
Neurology David Taylor, DC, DABCN, FIACN - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - George Kukurin, DC, DACAN - Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN - Michael Allen, DC, NMD, DIBAK, DABCN, FACFN - multiple - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Robert Schwer, DC
Neurology - Clinical Chiropractic Diplomate Gregg Friedman, DC - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN - multiple
North Carolina Jurisprudence Board Rules Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Nutrition Dan Schlenger, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Gary Italia, DC, PhD - Jennifer Illes, DC - Joshua Goldenberg, ND - Kristen Halland, DC, DABCA - multiple - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD - Shawn Thistle, DC
Nutrition - Anti Aging Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Nutrition And Functional Medicine David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN - Richard Powers, DC
Opioid Management Dean Smith, DC, PhD
OptumHealth Providers Only multiple
Orthopedics Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP - Robert Schwer, DC
Pain Management David Taylor, DC, DABCN, FIACN - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD - Shawn Thistle, DC
Pediatrics Brett Kinsler, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Karen Gardner, DC - Robin Mayfield, DC
Philosophy Robert Affolter, DC
Physical Diagnosis Brett Kinsler, DC - Bryan Born, DC - Dan Schlenger, DC - Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS, FCAMPT - Dev Batungbacal, DC - Jennifer Illes, DC - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN - Joshua Goldenberg, ND - Marc Lawson, DC - Melanie Osterhouse, DC, DACBR - multiple - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Powers, DC - Richard Saporito, DC - Robert Schwer, DC - Robin Mayfield, DC - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD - Shawn Thistle, DC - Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Physical Diagnosis - Manual Muscle Testing John Wallman, DC
Physical Therapy Brett Kinsler, DC - Jennifer Illes, DC - Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Saporito, DC - Robert Schwer, DC - Shawn Thistle, DC
Rehabilitation Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Ivo Waerlop/Shawn Allen, DC - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC - Linda Simon, DC - multiple - Robert McCabe, PT, OCS - Shawn Thistle, DC
Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging Steve Palazzo, DC
Research Reviews Shawn Thistle, DC
Research Trends Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Joshua Goldenberg, ND
Rheumatology Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Risk Management and Malpractice Jacob Ladenheim, JD - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC - Leanne Cupon and Warren Jahn, DC, DABFP - Peter Van Tyle, Esq
Soft Tissue Conditions Linda Simon, DC
Spinal Decompression Brett Kinsler, DC - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN
Sports Medicine Bryan Born, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Shawn Thistle, DC
Spray and Stretch Joanne Brown, OT, CHT, Shane Epperly, LMTI, CFT
Stroke and Manipulation Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN - Shawn Thistle, DC
Suicide Assessment Richard Saporito, DC
Wellness Brett Kinsler, DC - Dean Smith, DC, PhD
Womens Health Melissa LaPointe, MS, OTR/L
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Abuse - Child 201 - Child Abuse and Mandatory Reporting Abuse - Child 201a 
Abuse - Child and Elder for IA Mandatory Reporters Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters 
Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters for Initial Licensure Abuse - Elder 202 - Elder Abuse and Mandatory Reporting
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 301 Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 301 - 304 
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 302 Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 303 
Accredited Training for the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners 304 Acupuncture 101 - History and Philosophy of Acupuncture
Acupuncture 102 - Differentiating Yin/Yang and the Five Elements/Phases Acupuncture 103 - Vital Substances and differentiating the Twelve Internal Organs
Acupuncture 104 - Protocols for 5 Common Conditions Acupuncture 205 - Tongue Diagnosis
Acupuncture 205 - 211 Acupuncture 206 - Homeostatic Acupuncture Points
Acupuncture 207 - Neurology of Acupuncture Acupuncture 208 - Needle Manipulation Technique
Acupuncture 209 - Points and Acupuncture Points You Should Know Acupuncture 210 - The San Jiao: a closer look
Acupuncture 211 - Qi and The Pertinent Pericardium Acupuncture 212 - The 8 Extra Vessels and Extraordinary Meridians
Acupuncture 213 - Triple Warmer Metabolism and the Vital Substances Acupuncture 214 - Ren Mai, Du Mai, Liver 14 and Pulse Diagnosis
Acupuncture 215 - Functional Neurology and Trigger Point Dry Needling Acupuncture 216 - The Physiological Effects of Dry Needling
Acupuncture 217 - Mechanisms of Analgesia in Dry Needling Acupuncture 218 - Needle Manipulation Technique in Dry Needling and Acupuncture
Acupuncture 219 - Needle Sterilization, Contraindication and Complications of Needling Acupuncture 400 - Acupuncture Program Introduction: Introduction to 104-hour Acupuncture Certification Course
Acupuncture 400 - 420 - Basic Theory Course Group Acupuncture 400 - 461 
Acupuncture 401 - Development of Chinese Medicine and Yin & Yang I: Introduction to Yin & Yang Theory as it applies to acupuncture Acupuncture 402 - Yin & Yang II and The 8 Principles: Yin & Yang theory and its relationship to the 8 Principles of TCM Diagnosis
Acupuncture 403 - The Theory of the 5 Elements: Concepts and interrelationships of the TCM Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, & Water Acupuncture 404 - 5 Element Correspondences: Specific associations of the 5 Elements to organs, meridians, emotions, tissues, and more
Acupuncture 405 - Chronotherapy and the Essential Substances: TCM Circadian Rhythms and an introduction to Qi, Jing, Blood & Shen Acupuncture 406 - Energy & Nature: Qi & Blood: Introduction to the body’s motivating and nurturing forces
Acupuncture 407 - Constitution & Consciousness: Jing, Shen & Fluid: Introduction to our inherited vitalities, and minds Acupuncture 408 - Evil Winds and Emotions: Pathogenic Factors: Introduction to exogenous and endogenous influences on health
Acupuncture 409 - The Zang Fu: Introduction to the Organs: Exploring the concept of organs as spheres of influence in the body Acupuncture 410 - Lungs/Large Intestine: The organs that take in what we need, and let go of what no longer serves us
Acupuncture 411 - Spleen/Stomach: The organs of nourishment Acupuncture 412 - Heart / Small Intestine, Pericardium/San Jiao: Organs that organize the body, and influence the mind
Acupuncture 413 - Liver/Gall Bladder: The organs that enable free flow of Qi, Blood & Emotions Acupuncture 414 - Kidney/Urinary Bladder: The foundational organs of the body
Acupuncture 415 - Understanding Points & Meridians: Introduction to Acupoints and their organization into meridians Acupuncture 416 - Meridian Pathways & Clinical Application: How meridians are used in clinical situations
Acupuncture 417 - Extraordinary Organs and Meridians: Organs and Meridians which augment the twelve cardinal meridians Acupuncture 418 - Essential Tongue Diagnosis: Observing the appearance of the tongue to refine TCM diagnosis
Acupuncture 419 - Pulse Diagnosis: Using palpation of the radial pulse to refine TCM diagnosis Acupuncture 420 - Clean Needle Technique: An introduction to clean and safe needle handling in the clinic
Acupuncture 421 - Acupuncture Points & Meridians I: Overview of each of the main meridians of acupuncture Acupuncture 421 - 436 - Acupuncture Points & Meridians Group
Acupuncture 422 - Acupuncture Points and Meridians II: Overview of acupoints and their organization into clinically useful groups Acupuncture 423 - The Du Meridian: In-depth examination of the Du/GV Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 424 - The Ren Meridian: In-depth examination of the Ren/CV Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 425 - The Lung Meridian: In-depth examination of the Lung Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 426 - The Large Intestine Meridian: In-depth examination of the Large Intestine Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 427 - The Stomach Meridian: In-depth examination of the Stomach Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 428 - The Spleen Meridian: In-depth examination of the Spleen Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 429 - The Heart & Pericardium Meridians: In-depth examination of the Heart and Pericardium Meridians and their points
Acupuncture 430 - The Small Intestine Meridian: In-depth examination of the Small Intestine Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 431 - The Bladder Meridian: In-depth examination of the Bladder Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 432 - The Kidney Meridian: In-depth examination of the Kidney Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 433 - The San Jiao Meridian: In-depth examination of the San Jiao/Triple Burner Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 434 - The Gall Bladder Meridian: In-depth examination of the Gall Bladder Meridian and it’s points Acupuncture 435 - The Liver Meridian: In-depth examination of the Liver Meridian and it’s points
Acupuncture 436 - Extraordinary Points: In-depth examination of the acupoints that lie off the meridians Acupuncture 437 - Microsystems I: Introduction & Hand Acupuncture: Introduction to acupuncture microsystems’ concepts & techniques, and select hand acupuncture points
Acupuncture 437 - 440 - Acupuncture Microsystems Group Acupuncture 438 - Microsystems II: Ear Acupuncture: Auricular acupuncture points and techniques
Acupuncture 439 - Microsystems III: Chinese Scalp Acupuncture: Scalp acupuncture points and techniques mainly used for cortical disorders Acupuncture 440 - Microsystems IV: YNSA Scalp Acupuncture Scalp acupuncture points and techniques mainly used for painful disorders
Acupuncture 441 - Acupuncture Techniques I: Introduction & CNT: In-depth course in clean needle technique and handling Acupuncture 441 - 446 - Acupuncture Techniques Group
Acupuncture 442 - Acupuncture Techniques II: Needles & Needling: Foundational information on acupuncture needle types, sizes, and insertion techniques Acupuncture 443 - Acupuncture Techniques III: Moxa & Moxibustion: Heat therapy using traditional herbal methods
Acupuncture 444 - Acupuncture Techniques IV: Electro-Acupuncture: Microcurrent stimulation of acupuncture needles Acupuncture 445 - Acupuncture Techniques V: Cupping & Gua Sha: Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation using traditional tools & methods
Acupuncture 446 - Acupuncture Techniques VI: Laser & TDP: Treating with far-infared heat & cold laser Acupuncture 447 - Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain I - Introduction to Pain Management with Classical Chinese Techniques
Acupuncture 447 - 451 - Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain Group Acupuncture 448 - Acupuncture Treatment of Pain II - Points, Meridians, & Techniques for the Treatment of Pain
Acupuncture 449 - Acupuncture Treatment of Pain III - Sinew Meridians and Zonal Treatment for Pain: Specific techniques for treating pain using the Anterior, Lateral and Posterior Zones Acupuncture 450 - Acupuncture Treatment of Pain IV - Treating Pain in the Head, Neck, Trunk & Upper Extremity: Specific techniques for treating pain in the upper body
Acupuncture 451 - Acupuncture Treatment of Pain V - Treating Pain in the Back & Lower Extremity: Specific techniques for treating pain in the lower body Acupuncture 452 - Yin and Yang: A comprehensive study of Yin & Yang
Acupuncture 452 - 461 - Foundations of Chinese Medicine Group Acupuncture 453 - The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A comprehensive study of Chinese medical thought
Acupuncture 454 - The Functions of the Organs: A comprehensive study of the interrelationships of the main organs of TCM Acupuncture 455 - External Causes of Disease: A comprehensive study of the endogenous and exogenous pathogens
Acupuncture 456 - Diagnosis by Palpation: A comprehensive study on palpation, focusing on the radial pulse Acupuncture 457 - Identification of Patterns - Heart, Pericardium and Liver: A comprehensive study of these organs and their relationships
Acupuncture 458 - Identification of Patterns - Lung, Spleen, Kidney and Stomach: A comprehensive study of these organs and their relationships Acupuncture 459 - Identification of Patterns - Small/Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Bladder, Six Stages and Four Levels: A comprehensive study of these organs and an introduction to the progression of diseas
Acupuncture 460 - Patterns According to the Three Burners, 12 Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels; Shu Points and Categories of Points: A comprehensive study of pattern discrimination in TCM Acupuncture 461 - The Eight Extraordinary Vessels; Principles of Treatment and Combination of Points: A comprehensive study on crafting acupuncture treatment strategies.
Acupuncture National Exam Prep Course - Board Review for those taking the NBCE or ABCA Exam Addictions 101 - History of Abuse of drugs and alcohol/Strategies for dealing with addictions - one’s own and those of one’s patients
AIDS 103 - Manual Therapy Interventions for People Living with HIV Disease AIDS 104 - Nutritional Deficiencies in AIDS Patients
AIDS 105 - Bioelectromagnetic Therapies for HIV/AIDS AIDS 106 - HIV Facts and Information
AIDS 107 - Information for Health Care Workers AIDS 108 - HIV and AIDS Update: Caring for a person with HIV and AIDS
AIDS 109 - AIDS: Clinical epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment AIDS 110 - HIV and Nutrition
AIDS 111 - Global Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS AIDS 112 - Neurological AND Cardiovascular complications of HIV infection
AIDS 113 - Immune Response to HIV AIDS 114 - AIDS - Immune Support
AIDS 115 - HIV AIDS: Principles and Practice Alabama Chiropractic Law 201 
Alabama Chiropractic Law 201 - 202 Anatomy 101 - Anterior cervical musculature
Anatomy 101 - 112 Anatomy 102 - Musculature of the Shoulder
Anatomy 103 - Bones and Joints of the Hand Anatomy 104 - Musculature of the Hip
Anatomy 105 - Anatomy of the Elbow Anatomy 106 - Osteology, ligaments, and prime movers of the shoulder
Anatomy 107 - Neurovascular structures of the shoulder Anatomy 108 - Osteology of the anterior aspect of the knee
Anatomy 109 - Muscle attachment sites of the knee Anatomy 110 - Ligaments and menisci of knee
Anatomy 111 - Neurovascular Structures of the Knee Anatomy 112 - Muscles of the Knee
Anatomy 113 - Osteology of anterior aspect of foot and ankle Anatomy 113 - 124 
Anatomy 114 - Ligaments of the ankle and foot Anatomy 115 - Muscles of the foot and ankle
Anatomy 116 - Neurovascular structures of the foot and ankle Anatomy 117 - Osteology of the pelvis
Anatomy 118 - Ligaments and deep muscles of the pelvis Anatomy 119 - Neurological structures of the pelvis
Anatomy 120 - Vascular structures of the pelvis Anatomy 121 - Osteology of lumbar spine
Anatomy 122 - Ligaments and deep muscles of lumbar spine Anatomy 123 - Muscles of the posterior vertebral column
Anatomy 124 - Anatomy of the brainstem and spinal cord Anatomy 125 - Cross sectional anatomy and vascular supply of spinal cord
Anatomy 125 - 136 Anatomy 126 - Anatomical considerations of the lumbar plexus
Anatomy 127 - Osteology of the cranium Anatomy 128 - Deep muscles of cranium and pharynx
Anatomy 129 - Intermediate muscles of cranium and pharynx Anatomy 130 - Superficial muscles of cranium and pharynx
Anatomy 131 - Neurovascular structures of face and head Anatomy 132 - Structures of orbit and eye
Anatomy 133 - Structures of the Orbit: a superior axial view Anatomy 134 - Internal structures of the eyeball
Anatomy 135 - Anatomy of the ear Anatomy 136 - Anatomical considerations of the TMJ
Anatomy 201 - Knee Meniscal Injury Anatomy 225 - Trigger Point Therapy: Neck
Anatomy 225 - 230 Anatomy 226 - Trigger Point Therapy: Muscles of Mastication
Anatomy 227 - Trigger Point Therapy: Upper Limb 1 Anatomy 228 - Trigger Point Therapy: Upper Limb 2
Anatomy 229 - Trigger Point Therapy: Upper Limb 3 Anatomy 230 - Trigger Point Therapy: Trunk
Anatomy 231 - Trigger Point Therapy - Lower Limb 1 Anatomy 231b - Trigger Point Therapy - Lower Limb 2
Anatomy 232 - Trigger Point Therapy - Lower Limb 2 Anatomy 233 - Trigger Point Therapy: Lower Limb 3
Animal Chiropractic 201 - Pain presentations in small animals Anti Aging Certificate Program 
Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar Athletic TIPS Certification Seminar - Non CE 
Biomechanics 201 - Introduction to Gait: Pedographs and Gait Analysis Biomechanics 201 - 216 
Biomechanics 202 - Foot Function and the Effects on the Core and Body Dynamics Biomechanics 203 - Gait Analysis: Normal and Abnormal Gait and factors affecting them
Biomechanics 204 - Shoe selection and the effect and impact on gait Biomechanics 205 - Barefoot Running and Gait: What you need to know
Biomechanics 206 - A Case Study in Gait Analysis Biomechanics 207 - A case study in gait analysis: focus on torsions and versions
Biomechanics 208 - Case Studies in Gait Analysis: Challenges to the Knee during Gait Biomechanics 209 - Focus on the Hip
Biomechanics 210 - Running vs. Walking - Key Differences in Gait Analysis Biomechanics 211 - Case Studies in Gait Analysis: Focus on the Short Leg
Biomechanics 211 - 222 Biomechanics 212 - Case Studies in Gait Analysis: The Rearfoot
Biomechanics 213 - A Closer Look at Gait Analysis Biomechanics 214 - A Closer Look at Foot Types
Biomechanics 215 - Pedograph Use and Interpretation Biomechanics 216 - Focus on The Forefoot
Biomechanics 217 - The Problematic Crossover Gait Biomechanics 218 - A Closer look at arm swing in Gait
Biomechanics 219 - The Biomechanics of Running Relative to Shoe Choice Biomechanics 220 - Common Cycling Injuries Related to Bike Fit
Biomechanics 221 - Static assessment and the glass pedograph Biomechanics 222 - Advanced Case Studies in Gait Analysis: Focus on Neurological Disorders
Biomechanics 223 - New Case studies of fixed leg length discrepancies and the compounding biomechanical compensations that produce pain Biomechanics 224 - How to address common problems associated with prescribing orthotics
Boundary Training 101 - Gender roles and traits Boundary Training 101 - 112 
Boundary Training 102 - Gender, power and the Doctor Patient Relationship Boundary Training 103 - Sexuality and the Doctor Patient Relationship
Boundary Training 104 - Touch and the Doctor Patient Relationship Boundary Training 105 - Practical applications Gender, Sexuality, Touch; Harassment and Sexual Misconduct
Boundary Training 106 - Examples adn common fears about sexual misconduct; caring for the abused patient Boundary Training 107 - Consent, power issues, adherence vs. compliance, risk levels one faces as a healthcare provider
Boundary Training 108 - Safe Touch guidelines and strategies for safe touching
Boundary Training 109 - Safe Practice Analysis; Risk Factor Analysis - self assessments
Boundary Training 110 - Buddy and Supervisor Evaluations Boundary Training 111 - Making necessary changes in one's office/practice; diffusing attractions
Boundary Training 112 - Dealing with attractions; creating a safe practice Boundary Training 113 - Issues of sexual misconduct and gender sensitivity
Boundary Training 114 - Boundary Issues Faced with People with Disabilities Boundary Training 115 - Professional Relatedness Built on Respect
Boundary Training 116 - Professional Boundaries Guided by Respect Boundary Training 117 - Professional Boundaries in the Disbility Commnity
Boundary Training 118 - Culture and Needs of Different Disabilities the Journey Toward Inclusion:  Language, Law, Technology Medicine Boundary Training 119 - Inclusive Employment in the Growing Health Care Sector Creating an Inclusive Environment Anxiety, Pity and Other Uncomfortable Feelings
Breathing Essentials 201 - Mechanics of the Region: Biomechanics of the Cervical, Thoracic/Thorax and Shoulder Girdle Breathing Essentials 201 - 207 
Breathing Essentials 202 - Function of Respiration Breathing Essentials 203 - Altered Breathing Patterns and Their Consequences
Breathing Essentials 204 - Sleep Apnea Breathing Essentials 205 - Athletic Performance
Breathing Essentials 206 - Diaphragm in Critical Care Breathing Essentials 207 - Breathing Retraining Theories
Business 101 - Accounting basics for opening a practice Business 102 - Business essentials. Legal structure. Valuing a practice.
California Xray Technology Course 203 Chiropractic and Pregnancy 201 - The Five Common Neurological Complaints of Pregnancy
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 201 - 207 Chiropractic and Pregnancy 202 - Case Management of Common Pregnancy Related Complaints
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 203 - Herbs and Homeopathy during pregnancy Chiropractic and Pregnancy 204 - Dietary and exercise concerns during pregnancy
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 205 - Preventing birth trauma with proper pre-natal care Chiropractic and Pregnancy 206 - Common tests and procedures - risks and benefits
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 207 - Case studies of breech presentation and various common complaints of pregnancy Chiropractic and Pregnancy 208 - Commonly encountered subluxation and misalignment patterns with breech presentations and twin breech presentations
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 209 - Correlating pubic bone misalignment with posterior occiput presentation of a fetus and round ligament pain during pregnancy Chiropractic and Pregnancy 210 - Chiropractic Care - Immediate Postpartum Period
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 211 - Pregnancy & Pediatric Treatment Evidence, Adverse Events & Clinical Considerations Chiropractic and Pregnancy 212 - Acupuncture, Exercise, Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Function, Best Practices for Children
Chiropractic and Pregnancy 213 - Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Labor Clinical Justification 201 - Clinical Justification for Treatment of Low Back Pain
Clinical Justification 202 - Clinical Justification for Treatment of Neck and Upper Back Pain Clinical Justification 203 - Clinical Justification for Treatment of the Shoulder
Clinical Justification 204 - Clinical Justification for the Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches Coding and Documentation 201 - Standards of Documentation: Problem Oriented Medical Record and P.A.R.T
Coding and Documentation 201 - 202 Coding and Documentation 201 - 204 
Coding and Documentation 202 - P.A.R.T. Documentation for Medicare, Assessments and Plan of the SOAP Note, Medicare Diagnoses Coding and Documentation 203 - Documentation of mechanisms of injury, key components of impairment evaluations
Coding and Documentation 204 - Documentation issues involving Colossus value drivers, Croft Guidelines for the Treatment of CAD Injuries Compliance 201 - Developing a Compliance Program
Compliance 202 - State and National Requirements for Office Policy and Procedure Compliance 203 - Audit Billing and Coding for Maximum Safety
Compliance 204 - Improved Compliance via Self Audit Compliance 205 - Compliance Factors to Consider with Insurance Billing and Follow Up
Compliance 206 - Year End Financial Compliance Compliance 207 - Patient Financial Standard Operating Procedure
Core Stability 201 - Foundation Form Function CT Laws and Regulations Course 
Cultural Competency 201 - Developing an appreciation, sensitivity, knowledge and skills in caring for those from other races, cultures, ages, etc. Cultural Competency 202 - How to develop the needed skills and understanding to care for the rising Latino population in the US
Cultural Competency 203 - Become a culturally competent provider - Caring for: Asians, Blacks, Middle Easterners, etc.
Cultural Competency 204 - Understanding Cultural Competence in Health Care
Cultural Competency 205 - Culture: Perspectives, Myths, and Misconceptions Documentation 101 - Documentation and Insurance protocols related to medical record keeping, billing and coding
Documentation 102 - Medicare Documentation - Part 1 Documentation 103 - Medicare Documentation - Part 2
Documentation 153 - Documenting Bodily/Personal Injury Cases Documentation 154 - Risk Management Considerations for Documentation
Documentation 157 - Clinical Documentation Documentation 158 - ICD-10
Documentation 160 - ICD-10: Navigating the Coding Maze Documentation 161 - Keys to Clinical Documentation
Documentation 162 - Regs and Risk Management with Maintenance Care Documentation 163 - Documenting for Medical Necessity of Manual Therapies
Documentation 164 - Compliance with Federal Guidelines for Timed Physical Medicine Procedures Documentation 165 - Compliant Coding and Documentation for all Chiropractic Techniques
Documentation 166 - Documentation and Coding of Therapeutic Activities Documentation 167 - The Life Cycle of a Patients Chart
Documentation 168 - The Secrets of Chiro-Compliant Coding Documentation 169 - Triage Your Patients with Compliant Treatment
Documentation 170 - Medicare and the Quality Payment Program Documentation 171 - Ancillary Services: Yes, You Have to Document Those Too
Documentation 172 - In-Processing Federal Patients: Active or Maintenance Documentation 173 - Why render a prognosis? Defining the problem
Documentation 173 - 174 Documentation 174 - Compliant Documentation for Adjusting Multiple Spinal Regions
Documentation 175 - Documentation Standards for Evaluation and Management Documentation 176 - Document Clinical Rationale for Active Care Rehab
Documentation 177 - The Ideal Documentation for an Episode of Care Documentation 178 - Documenting & Coding for Unproven, Investigational or Experimental Procedures
Electrodiagnosis 101 - Electrodiagnostic and nerve pathology in clinical conditions presenting in Chiropractic practice, and how they present on electrodiagnostic examination Emergency Procedures 101 - Preparing for common medical emergencies
Emergency Procedures 102 - Developing an emergency preparedness manual for your office and review CPR changes Emergency Procedures 103 - Preparing for altered mental status, burns and allergic reactions
Emergency Procedures 104 - Reacting to emergencies outside your office Ergonomics 102 - Modern Ergonomics: Using Biomechanics, Feng Shui and common sense to make your home and workplace a safer and more productive environment
Ethical Awareness 201 - Legal Foundations Ethical Awareness 202 - Ethical Foundations
Ethical Awareness 203 - The Law of Health Care Malpractice Ethical Awareness 204 - Intentional Wrongs
Ethical Awareness 205 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Employment Ethical Awareness 206 - Business Law and Ethics
Ethical Awareness 207 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Education Ethical Awareness 208 - Ethics in Focus
Ethics 101 - Ethical Communications Ethics 102 - The Ethics Of The Doctor/Patient Connection - Getting it Right!
Ethics 103 - Avoiding Inappropriate Contact with Patients Ethics for Professionals 101 - Morality and Ethics in Professional practice
Ethics for Professionals 101 - 105 Ethics for Professionals 102 - Ethical Problems, Ethical Distress and Ethical Dilemma's
Ethics for Professionals 103 - The Analysis of Ethical Problems in Professional life Ethics for Professionals 104 - Ethics of Confidential Information
Ethics for Professionals 105 - Informed Consent Evidence Based Outcomes 201 - Outcomes assessment in Chiropractic practice - reviewing the current literature
Evidence Based Outcomes 202 - Evidence Based Practice: Asking the Questions and Searching For Evidence Evidence Based Outcomes 204 - Practical Guide to Using Outcome Assessment (Measures) in Your Clinical Practice
Evidence Based Outcomes 211 - Cold and Flu - Vaccinations, Green Tea, Zinc, Probiotics and Neti Pots FAA BasicMed Physician Training 
Forensic Diplomate 101 - Critical issues encountered in the deposition and trial Forensic Diplomate 102 - How to get started in forensic marketing and finding contract work
Forensic Diplomate 103 - Discovery and impeachment in civil and criminal cases Forensic Diplomate 104 - How to formulate a defensible curriculum vitae
Forensic Diplomate 105 - Understanding the concept of absolute immunity Forensic Diplomate 106 - Federal Rules of Evidence and their application in the federal and state legal systems
Forensic Diplomate 107 - The cross examination process and how to manage scientific issues and trick questions Forensic Diplomate 108 - How do scientific reasoning and methodology apply to untestable scientific theories
Forensic Diplomate 109 - What is the Reference Manual on Scientific Evidence and how to read a legal opinion Forensic Diplomate 110 - Adequate informed consent and how it applies to malpractice
GA Chiropractic Board Rules 105 - GA Board Rule GA Chiropractic Board Statutes 106 
Gender and Sensitivity 101 - Professional Boundaries in Healthcare Relationship; Harassment vs. Misconduct Gender and Sensitivity 102 - Caring for those who have been sexually abused; Patient Protection Protocol
Geriatrics 101 - Exercise effects on wound healing, balance, depression, and anxiety in older adults Geriatrics 102 - Mitochondrial degeneration, dysfunction and oxidative stress
Geriatrics 103 Geriatrics 103 - 106 
Geriatrics 104 Geriatrics 105 
Geriatrics 106 Geriatrics 107 - Clinical Care & Risk of Falls
Guidelines for Manual Techniques 101 - Revealing the interaction of natural healing with pharmaceutical pain intervention and the resultant effectiveness of manual therapies Guidelines for Manual Techniques 101 - 107 
Guidelines for Manual Techniques 102 - Differentiating between benign and malignant tumors and the real vs perceived contraindications that pharmaceuticals have regarding manual therapies Guidelines for Manual Techniques 103 - Revealing pitfalls and precautions hidden in the musculoskeletal conditions and their medications
Guidelines for Manual Techniques 104 - Revealing pitfalls and precautions hidden in cardiovascular conditions and their medications Guidelines for Manual Techniques 105 - Revealing pitfalls and precautions hidden in lymph, immune and integumentary system conditions and their medications
Guidelines for Manual Techniques 106 - Revealing pitfalls and precautions hidden in nervous system conditions and their medication Guidelines for Manual Techniques 107 - Revealing pitfalls and precautions hidden in the respiratory, endocrine, reproductive and urinary systems system conditions and their medications
HIPAA 201 - Security Risk Assessment - A Key Component of HIPAA Risk Management HIPAA 202 - Security Risk Management- A HIPAA Requirement
HIPAA Made Simple - HIPAA protocols and compliance standards Homeopathy 201 - Acute Care Homeopathy for Knee Injuries
Human Trafficking 201 - Human Trafficking Human Trafficking 202 - Human Trafficking
IASTM 201 - Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations to the Lower Extremity IASTM 201 - 203 
IASTM 202 - Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations to the Upper Extremity IASTM 203 - Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations to the Spine
Impairment 101 - AMA Guides; 5th edition; measuring Spinal Range of Motion and Combined Value Chart Impairment 102 - AMA Guides; 5th edition; Apportionment
Impairment 103 - AMA Guides; 5th edition; Common Errors Impairment 104 - AMA Guides; 4th edition; writing Credible Impairment Rating reports
Impairment 105 - AMA Guides; 5th edition; Rating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Impairment 106 - AMA Guides; 6th edition; an introduction
Impairment 107 - Introduction to Impairment Rating Independent Medical Exam 101 - Independent medical exam (IME) methodology and procedures
Independent Medical Exam 102 - Independent Medical Examinations and Workers Compensation Independent Medical Exam 103 - Social Security Disability Assessment
Infectious Disease 101 - Evidence Based Decontamination for Manual Providers Intro to Hormones 101a - Overview of all hormones with special focus on estrogen dominance, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue
Intro to Hormones 102 - Salivary Hormone Testing Iowa Board Administrative Code 202 
Iowa Board Administrative Code 203 LGBTQ 201 - Body Image and Eating Disorders, Sociocultural Factors and Questioning in an Inclusive and Affirmative Environment
Management of Common Conditions 201 - Lumbar Disc Management I Management of Common Conditions 202 - Lumbar Disc Management II
Management of Common Conditions 203 - Concussion Management - Part 1 Management of Common Conditions 203b - Concussion Management - Part 2
Management of Common Conditions 204 - Cervical Disc Management 1 Management of Common Conditions 204 - 209 
Management of Common Conditions 205 - Cervical Disc Management II Management of Common Conditions 206 - Evaluation of the Adolescent Overhead Athlete
Management of Common Conditions 207 - Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques for the Shoulder-Scapula Complex Management of Common Conditions 208 - Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Non-Surgical and Surgical SLAP Tears
Management of Common Conditions 208 - 211 Management of Common Conditions 209 - Evaluation and Management of the TMJ
Management of Common Conditions 210 - Upper Extremity I Management of Common Conditions 210 - 215 
Management of Common Conditions 211 - Lyme Disease Management of Common Conditions 212 - Concussion Rehabilitation
Management of Common Conditions 213 - Conservative management of Parkinson’s disease Management of Common Conditions 214 - Shoulder Pain
Management of Common Conditions 215 - Concussion: Return to Play Guidelines Management of Common Conditions 216 - Evaluation and Management of Common Upper and Lower Extremity Conditions
Management of Common Conditions 217 - Acute Concussion Management Management of Common Conditions 219 - Evaluation and Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis
Manipulation 101 - Manipulation - Postural Considerations Manipulation 102 - Technical Issues Involving Manipulation
Manipulation 103 - Manipulation theories and effects of spinal manipulation on angina, arm pain, H-reflex Manipulation 103 - 114 
Manipulation 104 - Chiropractic and movement time, heart rate variability Manipulation 105 - Chiropractic spinal manipulation and cervicogenic headaches, autonomic output
Manipulation 106 - Chiropractic and Spinal Manipulation: epidemiology, cost-effectiveness, patient outcomes, and theories Manipulation 107 - Chiropractic and Spinal Manipulation: sensorimotor integration and neurophysiology, human performance, and visceral function
Manipulation 108 - Review of Journal Articles Regarding Manipulation of the Lumbar Spine Manipulation 109 - Cervical Spine
Manipulation 110 - Review of Journal Articles Regarding Efficacy of SMT Manipulation 111 - Review of Journal Articles Regarding Lumbar Manipulation
Manipulation 112 - Efficacy and Factors Involved with Cervical Manipulation Manipulation 113 - Disc Herniation, Radiculopathy & Chronic Neck Pain
Manipulation 114 - Review of Journal Articles Regarding Thorasic Manipulation and Hypertention Manipulation 115 - How does Chiropractic Affect Your Patient?
Manipulation 116 - Cost effectiveness, clinical efficacy, effect on pain and range of motion Manual Muscle Testing 201 - Introduction to Manual Muscle Strength Testing
Manual Muscle Testing 201 - 206 Manual Muscle Testing 202 - Stabilizers of the Ankles and Knees
Manual Muscle Testing 203 - Muscles of the hips Manual Muscle Testing 204 - Anterior and Posterior Muscle of the Thigh
Manual Muscle Testing 205 - Thigh Adductors and Triceps Surae Manual Muscle Testing 206 - Digits of the lower limb
Manual Muscle Testing 207 - Lower Limb Alternative Tests & Muscle Balance Research MD Jurisprudence Board Rules Course - A Review of Board Rules affecting Chiropractors in Maryland
Medical Errors 202a - Definitions, Concepts, Scope of the Problem and Types of Errors Medical Errors 202b - Types of Medical Errors, Risk Factors and Prevention
Medical Errors 202c - Reporting, Root Cause Analysis, What To Do When Things Go Wrong Medical Marijuana 201 - Eligibility and Use
Mental Health Conditions Common to Veterans MRI 101 - Basic principles of MRI imaging as it relates to the lumbar spine
Neurological Exam 101 - The patient interview Neurological Exam 101 - 107 
Neurological Exam 102 - Cranial nerves Neurological Exam 103 - Somatic motor system, involuntary movements and non-paralytic movement disorders
Neurological Exam 104 - The reflex systems Neurological Exam 105 - Examination of the cerebellar systems
Neurological Exam 106 - Clinical Assessment of Pain and Function Neurological Exam 107 - Record maintenance and narrative report writing
Neurology 101 - The Neurological Aspects of Manipulation Neurology 101 - 112 
Neurology 102 - The Neurological Effects of Manipulation Neurology 103 - Inflammatory Neuropathy
Neurology 104 - Differential diagnosis with Nerve Conduction and EMG Neurology 105 - Pathophysiological mechanisms underlying muscular tension and pain
Neurology 106 - Modular theory of headache Neurology 107 - Cervical adjustments and strokes: The complete story
Neurology 108 - Chiropractic and motor control, theories, assessment Neurology 109 - Functional symptoms in neurology and neuropathic pain
Neurology 110 - Neuropathic Pain - Part I Neurology 111 - Neuropathic Pain - Part 2
Neurology 112 - Neuropathic Pain - Part 3 Neurology 113 - Neck Adjustments and Stroke: Just the Facts
Neurology 114 - Chiropractic In-Office X-ray: The future has arrived Neurology 115 - Neuropathy Advanced Labs - Chiropractic Applications
Neurology 115 - 116 Neurology 116 - Neuropathy - Treatment Applications
Neurology 116 - 124 Neurology 117 - Neuropathy Management - Part 1
Neurology 117 - 121 Neurology 118 - Pharmacognosy: Signaling Pathways in Neuropathy
Neurology 119 - Pharmacognosy: Neurotransmitters Neurology 120 - Non-invasive Neuromodulation in Neuropathy Treatment
Neurology 121 - Neuromodulation: Use of Transcutaneous Vagal Nerve Stimulation Neurology 122 - Trans-spinal Direct Current Stimulation (ts-DC)
Neurology 123 - Neuromodulation with Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation (GVS) Neurology 124 - Neuromodulation with tDC
Neurology 125 - Neuromodulation and Balance Neurology 126 - TBI in Chiropractic Practice
Neurology 126 - 127 Neurology 127 - Trophic subluxation theory and how it affects your patient
Neurology 128 - The Neurological Evaluation:  What you need to know (and why you need to know it) Neurology 129 - Motor Control in chiropractic practice
Neurology 130 - Receptor Based Solutions for Your Edification Neurology 130 - 132 
Neurology 131 - Receptor Based Solutions for Your Patients Neurology 132 - Receptor Based Solutions for Your Application
Neurology 201 - Basic Brain Anatomy & Function: The Motor Cortex Neurology 201 Session 1 
Neurology 201-intro - Anatomy of the skull and spine with dissection of the cervical spine Neurology 201a - Introduction to Chiropractic Clinical Neurology: Basic Lower Brain, Brainstem and Spinal Cord Anatomy: A Clinical Perspective
Neurology 201b-c100 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 100 Neurology 201c - Syndromes involving the spinal cord
Neurology 201d - Clinical Aspects of Spinal Cord Disease Neurology 202 - The patient interview, Cranial Nerves, Cervical adjustments and strokes: The complete story
Neurology 202 Session 2 Neurology 202-c101 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 101
Neurology 202-c102 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 102 Neurology 202-c103 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 103
Neurology 202-c104 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 104 Neurology 202-c105 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 105
Neurology 202a - The Patient Interview Neurology 202b - The Assessment of Mental Status
Neurology 202c - Examination of the Head and Neck Neurology 202d - Aspects of Functional versus Organic Illness
Neurology 202e - The Ophthalmoscopic Examination Neurology 202f - Cervical Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CSMT) and Vertebrobasilar Ischemia (VBI)
Neurology 203 - The somatic motor system, involuntary movements and non-paralytic movement disorders, the reflex system and Ancillary neurologic examination procedures Neurology 203 c106-c107 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 106 and 107
Neurology 203 c108 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 108 Neurology 203 c109 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 109
Neurology 203 Session 3 Neurology 203-intro - Introduction to the neurological examination
Neurology 203a - The Cranial Nerve Examination Neurology 203b - Blind spot testing and cortical perceptual mapping
Neurology 203c - The Voluntary Somatic Motor System Examination Neurology 203d - The Somatic Reflex Examination
Neurology 204 Session 4 Neurology 204a - The Somatic Sensory Examination
Neurology 204b - The Examination of Station, Movement and Gait Neurology 204c - The Examination of Communication and Knowledge
Neurology 204d - Ancillary neurologic examination procedures Neurology 204e - The cerebellar systems and spinal analysis
Neurology 204f - Mental Status Examination: A Detailed Discussion and Complete Neurological Examination - Case 110 Neurology 205 c112 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 112
Neurology 205 c113 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 113 Neurology 205 c114 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 114
Neurology 205 c115 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 115 Neurology 205 c116 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 116
Neurology 205 c117 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 117 Neurology 205 c118 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 118
Neurology 205 c119 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 119 Neurology 205 c120 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 120
Neurology 205 c121 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 121 Neurology 205 c122 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 122
Neurology 205 c123-125 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 123-125 Neurology 205 c126 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 126
Neurology 205 c128-130 - Complete Neurological Examination - Case 128 - 130 Neurology 205 Session 5 
Neurology 206 c110c137 - Electrodiagnosis Case: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Neurology 206 c129 - Cases in neurology: Multiple symptoms in a 35 year old female
Neurology 206 c131 - Video Case: Pain, Weakness and Unsteadiness Neurology 206 c132 - Cases in neurology: Numbness and weakness in a 50 year old male
Neurology 206 c133 - Cases in Neurology: Concussion. Assault on an 18 year Old Female Neurology 206a1 - Electrodiagnostic Testing I
Neurology 206a2 - Electrodiagnostic Testing II Neurology 206a3 - Electrodiagnostic Testing III
Neurology 207a - Introduction to Electrodiagnostic Medicine Neurology 207b - Physiological Basis of Nerve Conduction and Bioinstrumentation
Neurology 207c - Aspects of the Clinical Examination Neurology 208a - Demyelinating Disease, Recognition and Chiropractic Management
Neurology 208b - Recognizing Tumors Involving the CNS Neurology 208c - Congenital Disorders of the Nervous System
Neurology 208d2 - Neurodegeneration: Mechanisms, pathways and therapeutic actions. Neurology 208e - Toxic, Metabolic and Neurodegenerative Diseases Affecting the Nervous System
Neurology 209a - Issues of sexual misconduct and gender sensitivity Neurology 209b - Considerations in Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Neurology 209c - Professional Boundaries and Ethics - an Interactive Discussion Neurology 209d - Upper Extremity Neurovascular Entrapment Syndromes
Neurology 209e - CVD – Vessel Anatomy, Irrigation Areas and Related Agnosias, Apraxic and Aphasic Syndromes. Neurology 209f - Aspects of Lower Motor Neuron Paralysis.  Anterior Poliomyelitis, Polio Vaccination and Chiropractic Treatment.
Neurology 210a - The subluxation complex and the chiropractic adjustment Neurology 211a - Clinical assessment of pain, function, and Neuropathic pain, lower back pain and spinal decompressive traction, disorders Presenting with Dizziness
Neurology 211b - Headache: A Clinical Discussion Neurology 211c - Dealing with the Dizzy Patient
Neurology 211d1 - Dealing with the Dizzy Patient: Part 1 Neurology 211d2 - Dealing with the Dizzy Patient: Part 2
Neurology 212 c173 - A case of facial spasms: functional or organic? Neurology 212a - Physical Diagnosis 1: Physical Examination of Peripheral Arteries and Veins
Neurology 212b - Exam of the Thyroid and Lymphatic System and Thoracic Landmarks Neurology 212c - Examination of The Lungs
Neurology 212d - Physical Diagnosis: Cardiac Auscultation Points, Breath Sounds and Breathing Abnormalities Neurology 212e - Cases in Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease
Neurology 212e2 - Grand Rounds in Family Medicine Neurology 212f - Grand Rounds in Family Practice
Neurology 212f2 - Grand Rounds in Family Practice Neurology 212f3 - Interesting Cases in Family Practice
Neurology 212f4 - Orthopedic Surgery & Joint Replacement Neurology 212g - Physical Diagnosis: Evaluation of the Abdomen
Neurology 212h - Evaluation of the External Eye Neurology 212i - Physical Diagnosis: Evaluation of the Internal Eye
Neurology 213a - Neuroradiology For The Chiropractic Neurologist Neurology 214a - Ethical Issues for Doctors of Chiropractic
Neurology 214c1 - Record maintenance and narrative report writing Neurology 214c2 - Documentation for the Neurologist
Neurology 214d - Neurological Examination Flow A Brief Review Neurology 214e - Review: History and Mental Status
Neurology 214e2 - Bedside Neurological Examination Review Neurology 214e3 - Somatoform Disorders & Malingering
Neurology 214e4 - The Cortex: Communication and Knowledge Neurology 214e5 - A Brief Review of the Neurological Examination: Ferezy’s MSR’s
Neurology 214e6 - Non-Organic Physical Signs: Are tests for “Fakers” credible? + Fundamentals and mechanics of the neurological examination North Carolina Jurisprudence 201 - A Review of Board Rules affecting Chiropractors in North Carolina
Nutrition 101 - Resistance Exercise and Lipoprotein, and the Effects of Boswelia and Green Tea Nutrition 102 - Blood Lipids, Probiotics and the Effects of Bromelain and Tea Tree Oil
Nutrition 103 - Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Silymarin, Magnesium and whole grains Nutrition 104 - Nutritional Treatment for Cardiovascular Disease
Nutrition 105 - Nutritional Treatment for Hypertension, Peripheral Vascular Disease and other CV conditions Nutrition 106 - Herbal Therapies I
Nutrition 107 - Herbal Therapies II Nutrition 108 - Herbal Therapies III
Nutrition 109 - Nutrition and the Elderly Nutrition 110 - Female Nutrition - Osteoporosis, Pregnancy and Lactation
Nutrition 111 - Childhood Nutrition - vitamins, minerals, fiber, growth and obesity Nutrition 112 - Obesity - calculations, body composition, diet, and exercise
Nutrition 113 - Case Studies in Nutritional and Functional Medicine - Chronic GI Disorders and Fatigue Nutrition 114 - Case Studies in Nutritional and Functional Medicine - Hypertension and Food Allergy
Nutrition 115 - Clinical Detoxification: Part 1 Nutrition 116 - Clinical Detoxification: Part 2
Nutrition 117 - Drug, Herb and Nutrient Interactions and Toxicity Nutrition 118 - Co Q10: functions, use in performance, Parkinson Disease and migraines
Nutrition 119 - Natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents Nutrition 120 - Management of Functional GI Disorders
Nutrition 121 - Nutrition and Exercise, muscle physiology, training methods, weight training Nutrition 122 - Nutritional Support for Alzheimer's disease
Nutrition 123 - Nutritional Support for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Nutrition 124 - Nutritional Support for Cognitive Enhancement and Mental Decline
Nutrition 125 - Drug-Vitamin-Herb Interactions Nutrition 128 - Nutritional Support for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Nutrition 129 - Nutritional Support for Obesity and Weight Loss - Part 1 Nutrition 130 - Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment and Management: A Functional and Nutritional Perspective
Nutrition 131 - Gluten Sensitivity Nutrition 131 - 136 
Nutrition 132 - Celiac Disease Mechanisms & Related Topics Nutrition 133 - When to begin a Gluten Free Diet
Nutrition 134 - Supplements for Exercise and Sport, vitamins, minerals, fluids, sport drinks and antioxidants - Part 1 Nutrition 135 - n-3 Fatty Acids, Dietary Supplements, Bone Health and Dietary Sodium
Nutrition 136 - Nutrition and the Gastrointestinal System, IBS, constipation, IBD Nutrition 137 - Vitamin D
Nutrition 138 - Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, carnitine, glutamine, DHEA, caffeine and ribose - Part 2 Nutrition 139 - Nutrition for Exercise and Sport, bioenergetics, fat/carb/protein metabolism and meal timing - Part 3
Nutrition 140 - Nutritional Support for Obesity and Weight Loss - Part 2 Nutrition 141 - Nutrition and Fitness Assessment, body fat, BMI and fitness tests
Nutrition 142 - Chronic Pain, Intermittent Fasting, Low Back Pain and Exercise Considerations Nutrition 143 - IBS/SIBO
Nutrition 143 - 149 Nutrition 144 - Clinical Considerations to Measure and Enhance the Aging Process: Telomeres, Inflamm-aging, and Natural Strategies
Nutrition 145 - Nutritional Health for Chronic Diseases Nutrition 145 - 146 
Nutrition 146 - Basic Clinical Concepts of Nutrition Therapy Nutrition 147 - Basic Nutrition Assessment
Nutrition 148 - Sugar Imbalances: Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia Nutrition 149 - Clinical Nutrition - 10 Common Pathologies Patients Present With
Nutrition 153 - Nutrition and the GenitoUrinary System Nutrition 154 - Nutrition and the Muscular System
Nutrition 201 - The Facts of Life Extension and Aging Theories Nutrition 201 - 212 
Nutrition 202 - The relationship between Exercise, Health and Aging Nutrition 203 - How stress affects health and aging
Nutrition 204 - Aging and Social Relationships, Alcohol and Smoking Nutrition 205 - Smoking, Aging, Antioxidants and Cardiovascular disease
Nutrition 206 - Antioxidants and Cancer - Food Quantity and Control and how it affects aging Nutrition 207 - Diet Patterns, Types and Habits and how they affect health and aging
Nutrition 208 - The Antiaging foods; Fish, Fruits and Vegetables and Garlic Nutrition 209 - The Antiaging Foods; Grains, Nuts, Soy and Legumes
Nutrition 210 - The Antiaging Foods; Yogurt, Chocolate and Tea Nutrition 211 - The Antiaging Foods; Wine and Water. Nutrient deficiencies and aging
Nutrition 212 - Antiaging Hormones; DHEA, Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Melatonin Nutrition 220 - Evaluating and Addressing Common Chronic Patient Conditions - Part One
Nutrition 221 - Evaluating and Addressing Common Chronic Patient Conditions - Part Two Nutrition 222 - A Practical Approach to Implementing Clinical Detoxification Programs in Your Practice
Nutrition 223 - Supporting Your Patients Before, During, and After a Cancer Diagnosis Opioid Management 201 -

Manual Therapies for Chronic Pain Management of Patients During Opioid Crisis

Ortho 101 - Ortho considerations of knee and cervical spine Ortho 102 - Posture: biomechanics and control, relation to injuries
Ortho 103 - Cervical spine biomechanics and whiplash, muscle adaptation to stretching, manipulation and EMG Ortho 104 - Muscular strength in clinical practice: influence of chiropractic, assessment with dynamometry, training principles and guidelines
Ortho 105 - Postural and spinal stability: introduction, changes with posture and strength training Ortho 109 - Neck pain and dysfunction: anticipatory control, fatigue, rehabilitation through exercise
Ortho 111 - Back belts: biomechanics, recommendations and use of, affordances Ortho 112 - Low back pain and disorders: health status and risk, lumbar curvature, movement impairments
Ortho 113 - Backpacks: research, health effects and clinical recommendations Ortho 114 - Low back pain: causes, ergonomics and exercise
Ortho 115 - Waddell signs and non-organic pain Ortho 116 - Back pain, neck pain and tension type headaches in children
Ortho 117 - Postural control: principles, assessment, rehabilitation Pain 104 - Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Pain Management
Pain 105 - Cancer: pathology, physical activity, nutrition, massage therapy and acupuncture Pain 106 - Pain, inflammation, back pain, fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy
Pain 107 - Central Sensitization, Plasticity, Myofascial Pain Pain 108 - Pain Diagrams, Neuropathic Pain & Neuroplasticity, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Pain 109 - Pain management Patient Communications 201 - Improving Patient-Provider Communications
Patient Communications 202 - Age, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status Patient Communications 203 - Detecting Dishonesty: Why Our Patients Lie and What To Do About It
Patient Communications 204 - Four Habits of Highly Effective Clinicians: Evidence-Based Ways to Improve Your Bedside Manner Patient Communications 205 - Communicating Risk and Harms
Pediatrics 101 - Pediatric Research I Pediatrics 101 - 106 
Pediatrics 101 - 112 Pediatrics 102 - Pediatric Research II
Pediatrics 103 - Pediatric Research III Pediatrics 104 - Pediatric Research IV
Pediatrics 105 - Pediatric Research V Pediatrics 106 - Pediatric Research VI
Pediatrics 107 - Pediatric Research VII Pediatrics 108 - Pediatric Research VIII
Pediatrics 109 - Pediatric Research IX Pediatrics 112 - Pediatric Research XI
Pediatrics 113 - Pediatric Research Pediatrics 114 - Low back pain in children and adolescents
Pediatrics 115 - Varying viewpoints on vaccinations with alternative schedule and homeopathic remedies Pediatrics 116 - Evaluating and Correcting Retained Primitive Reflexes
Philosophy 101 - The Basis of Philosophical Argument, Deduction, Induction, Fallacies Philosophy 102 - The Basis of Chiropractic
Philosophy 103 - Proving Innate Intelligence, Questioning statistical analysis, Applying philosophy to the patient Philosophy 104 - What Dr. Palmer meant by specific adjusting
Philosophy 105 - The difference between life and machine Philosophy 106 - The difference between chiropractic and osteopathy
Philosophy 107 - Causes of subluxation and divisions of the nervous system Philosophy 108 - Subluxation and wry neck
Philosophy 109 - Dislocation versus subluxation and impulses versus electric circuits Philosophy 110 - Dr. Palmer's views on neurophysiology
Philosophy 111 - Dr. Palmer's views on diagnosis and specific chiropractic Philosophy 112 - The mechanism of subluxation
Philosophy 113 - Dr. Palmer on inflammation Philosophy 114 - 33 Principles of Chiropractic- 1 through 25
Philosophy 115 - 33 Principles of Chiropractic - 26 through 30 Philosophy 116 - 33 Principles of Chiropractic - 31 through 33
Philosophy 117 - Chiropractic and Evolution Physical Diagnosis 101 - Osteoporosis, Fatigue, SLR, Exercise and Fibromyalgia
Physical Diagnosis 102 - Joint Diagnosis Physical Diagnosis 103 - Shoulder Pathology
Physical Diagnosis 105 - Children, adolescents and rare conditions Physical Diagnosis 106 - Patellofemoral Syndrome
Physical Diagnosis 107 - Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Physical Diagnosis 108 - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Physical Diagnosis 109 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis I Physical Diagnosis 110 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis II
Physical Diagnosis 111 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis III Physical Diagnosis 112 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis IV
Physical Diagnosis 113 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis V Physical Diagnosis 114 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis VI
Physical Diagnosis 115 - Case Studies in Physical Diagnosis VII Physical Diagnosis 119 - Rheumatoid Arthritis: Current literature in Diagnostic Imaging and C.A.M. treatments
Physical Diagnosis 121 - Congestive Heart Failure Physical Diagnosis 123 - Breast Cancer: Risk Factors, Screening, Assessment & Treatment
Physical Diagnosis 124 - Low Back Injuries & Complaints in the Work Place: Diagnosis and Treatment Physical Diagnosis 128 - Cases in Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease
Physical Diagnosis 129 - Womens Health Physical Diagnosis 130 - Natural Treatments and Diagnosis of common Female Disorders
Physical Diagnosis 131 - Fibromyalgia: Myths and Realities Physical Diagnosis 132 - Keeping up with Inflammation
Physical Diagnosis 133 - 10 Tests You Can Use In Your Clinic Tomorrow Physical Diagnosis 134 - Human Genetics: Testing in the Physicians Office
Physical Diagnosis 135 - Fibromyalgia - Myths and Realities Physical Diagnosis 136 - Neurotransmitter Testing and Treatment
Physical Diagnosis 136 - 145 Physical Diagnosis 137 - Migraine headaches, cluster headaches and more: Differential diagnosis
Physical Diagnosis 138 - Headaches Physical Diagnosis 139 - Complete Orthopedic and Neurological Examination of the Low back for the Busy Clinician
Physical Diagnosis 140 - Non-Coronary Chest Pain, Thoracic Motion Palpation, Hyperkyphosis, TOS Physical Diagnosis 141 - Upper Extremities
Physical Diagnosis 142 - Lumbar Radiculopathy and Stenosis Physical Diagnosis 143 - Blood Enzymes Simplified
Physical Diagnosis 144 - The Review of Systems on the Case History Physical Diagnosis 145 - Understanding the Anemia's
Physical Diagnosis 146 - Ankle and Foot Diagnosis Physical Diagnosis 146 - 159 
Physical Diagnosis 149 - Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurological Examination of the Elbow for the Busy Clinician Physical Diagnosis 150 - Complete Orthopedic and Neurological Examination of the Hip for the Busy Clinician
Physical Diagnosis 150 - 153 Physical Diagnosis 151 - Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurological Examination of the Neck for the Busy Clinician
Physical Diagnosis 152 - Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurological Examination of the Shoulder for the Busy Clinician Physical Diagnosis 153 - Adult Lung Examination from Inspection to Auscultation: For Health Care Practitioners
Physical Diagnosis 154 - Temporomandibular Disorders & Headache - Clinical Aspects Physical Diagnosis 155 - The Eye Exam
Physical Diagnosis 156 - School Enrollment and Sports Pre-participation Physicals Physical Diagnosis 157 - The Heart Exam: Made Simple
Physical Diagnosis 158 - Test for Spinal Dysfunction, Neck Injury and Future Neck Pain, Cervical ROM and Strength Physical Diagnosis 159 - Recurrent Ankle Sprain, Plantarfascitis, Foot Orthoses, Ankle Evaluation
Physical Diagnosis 160 - DD of low back pain and prostate patholgies with case studies Physical Diagnosis 161 - Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurological Examination of the Wrist and Hand for the Busy Clinician
Physical Diagnosis 162 - Shoulder - Adhesive Capsulitis & Cervical Spine Considerations Physical Diagnosis 163 - Pharmaceutical Pitfalls Considerations for Differential Diagnosis
Physical Diagnosis 164 - Complete Orthopedic and Neurological Examination of the Mid-back for the Busy Clinician Physical Diagnosis 165 - Genomic Medicine
Physical Diagnosis 166 - Differential Diagnosis - Exposing Spinal Pain Imposters Physical Diagnosis 166 - 169 
Physical Diagnosis 167 - Cervical Spine Differential Diagnosis Physical Diagnosis 168 - Thoracic Spine Differential Diagnosis
Physical Diagnosis 169 - Lumbar Spine, Pelvis and Hip Differential Diagnosis Physical Therapy 101 - Free Introductory Course for New Registered Chiropractic Users
Physical Therapy 102 - Physical Therapy Applications Physical Therapy 103 - Ultrasound: An Underused Modality
Physical Therapy 104 - Introduction to Low Level Lasers Physical Therapy 105 - Treating patients with light energy, LASERS, LEDs and UV
Physical Therapy 106 - US, Cryotherapy, E-stim, Phonophoresis and Safety Physical Therapy 107 - Elastic Therapeutic Taping
Physical Therapy 108 - Patellofemoral Pain & Tendinopathy Rehab 101 - Sensory motor control and rehabilitation, aerobic exercise for motor performance and back pain
Rehab 102 - Spinal rehabilitation - hip vs spinal motion, exercise for neck disorders, neural adaptations to exercise Rehab 103 - Low back pain: long term course, movement impairments, sources of pain
Rehab 104 - Strength training Rehab 105 - Proprioception: definition, measurement, clinical rehabilitation
Rehab 106 - Cardiovascular Exercise: principles, mechanisms, training effects Rehab 107 - Spinal stabilization and core strength: anatomy, principles and assessment
Rehab 108 - Spinal stabilization: muscular fatigue, muscles used in exercise, manipulation and functional restoration in low back pain Rehab 109 - Low back pain: health care utilization, predicting outcomes with spinal stabilization, spinal kinematics
Rehab 110 - Whiplash and neck pain: manipulation vs mobilization, effect on muscle strength, thoracic spine manipulation Rehab 111 - Spinal Cord and Head Injury Rehabilitation
Rehab 112 - Cervical spine proprioception: anatomy, clinical use, spinal manipulation Rehab 113 - Muscle metabolism in health and disease: hormones, maximizing mass
Rehab 114 - Performance Theories and Core Training Concepts Rehab 115 - Core activation Training
Rehab 115 - 125 Rehab 116 - Advanced Core Stabilization Concepts
Rehab 117 - Lunges, Squats, advanced Squats and Gluteal Exercises Rehab 118 - Spinal Exercise and Rehab
Rehab 119 - Exercise and Rehab Rehab 120 - Exercise and Chronic Disease
Rehab 121 - Neuroendocrine-Immune Responses to Exercise, Interval vs. Endurance, and other Training, Dehydration Rehab 122 - ACL Rehab and Injury Prevention, Patellofemoral Pain, Quadriceps and OA
Rehab 123 - Active rehabilitation and exercise prescription Rehab 124 - Spinal Stabilization & Rehabilitation Concepts
Rehab 125 - Exercise and Brain Health: Neurobiology and Motor Performance Rehab 126 - Spinal Considerations – Radiculopathy, Hyperkyphosis, Cervical Impulsive Loads
Rehab 127 - Implement and Execute a Simple and Effective Active Rehab Program Rehab 128 - Clinical Conditions of the Lower Extremity
Rehab 129 - Hip Kinematics and General Rehab Considerations Rehab 130 - Evaluation and Treatment of Non-Surgical Rotator Cuff Disorders
Rehab 131 - Rehabilitation Following Rotator Cuff Repair Rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging 201 - Using Ultrasound for Rehabilitaion in a Clinical Setting
Research Reviews 101 - Traction Research Reviews 101 - 112 - Course Group includes all Research Reviews Courses numbered 101 thru 112
Research Reviews 102 - Neurological Conditions Research Reviews 103 - Headaches
Research Reviews 104 - Cervical Manipulation/Mobilization Research Reviews 105 - Ankle/Foot
Research Reviews 106 - Thoracic Spine Reviews Research Reviews 107 - Spinal Exercise and Rehab
Research Reviews 108 - Research Reviews Involving Exercise and Rehab of the Upper Extremities Research Reviews 109 - Research Reviews Involving the SI Joint and Pelvis
Research Reviews 110 - Research Reviews Involving the Knee Research Reviews 111 - Research Reviews Involving Various Modalities
Research Reviews 112 - Research Reviews Involving Various Modalties II Research Reviews 113 - Research Reviews of the Shoulder
Research Reviews 114 - Reserach Review of the Thoracic Spine II Research Reviews 115 - Research Reviews Involving Various Modalties III
Research Reviews 116 - Research Reviews Involving Exercise and Rehab of the Lower Extremities Research Reviews 117 - Research Reviews Involving Exercise and Rehab of the Lower Extremities II
Research Reviews 118 - Muscle Activity & Spine Load During Push/Pull Exercises, Core Stability Research Trends 102 - Spinal manipulation: neurophysiology, fixation and degeneration, chronic pain, neck pain
Research Trends 103 - Work related musculoskeletal disorders: epidemiology, costs, injury, inflammatory process Research Trends 104 - Spinal manipulation: neural plasticity and low back pain, whole spine manipulation in primary care
Research Trends 105 - Spinal manipulation: dose-response, muscle relaxers vs manipulation for LBP, relationship (or lack thereof) with disc herniations Research Trends 106 - Chiropractic care: maintenance care, comparing individuals with and without chiropractic coverage, predictors for successful outcome with low back pain
Research Trends 107 - Health behavior change: principles, theories, clinical techniques Research Trends 108 - Chiropractic and/or spinal manipulation for neck pain and/or headaches
Research Trends 109 - Chiropractic and/or spinal manipulation for acute and chronic low back pain Research Trends 110 - Chiropractic and/or spinal manipulation for pregnancy related low back pain and/or post-partum pain
Research Trends 111 - Update on Back Pain, CAD, Whiplash Research Trends 112 - Where to manipulate, back pain and decision rules
Research Trends 113 - Spinal Manipulation - Neural Plastic Changes, Effect on Heart Rate and SEP's Research Trends 114 - Muscle Activity Patterns with Pain, Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Trigger Points
Research Trends 115 - Effect of Facet Fixation and Thrust on Muscle Spindal Activity, Contact Site for SMT and Sensory Input to CNS Research Trends 116 - Current Research on SMT
Research Trends 117 - Adverse Events Involving Manual Therapy Providers, Role of the Cervical Spine with PCS, Effects of Chiropractic Treatment of GI Disorders Research Trends 118 - Statins - current reserach, alternatives and side effects
Rheumatology 101 - Fibromyalgia: Facts, Diagnosis and Treatment Rheumatology 102 - Chiropractic and Rheumatology - The Perfect Marriage
Risk 103 - Introduction to documentation principles Risk 105 - Georgia Workers' Compensation Act laws, rules and regulations
Risk 106 - How to minimize risks and avoid malpractice actions Risk 107 - The informed consent process and how to avoid malpractice actions
Risk 108 - Identifying and managing a complication of neural injury from manipulation Risk 110 - How to review legal opinions
Risk 111 - Malpractice "Primer:" The Basics Risk 112 - Fee-Splitting, Self Referrals and Kickbacks: Steering Clear of Prohibited Healthcare Arrangement
Risk 113 - Avoiding Ethical Landmines and Criminality in Your Healthcare Employment Agreement Risk 114 - Selling a Healthcare Practice: Ethical, Legal, Financial and Tax Considerations
Risk 115 - Administrative and Clinical Risk Management Protection Strategies Risk 116a - Recordkeeping and Documentation "Rules" Part 1
Risk 116b - Recordkeeping and Documentation "Rules" Part 2 Risk 116c - Recordkeeping and Documentation "Rules" Part 3
Risk 117a - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 1 Risk 117b - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 2
Risk 117c - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 3 Risk 118 - Business structure and other risk reduction strategies
Risk 119 - Understanding the legalities of fee discounts, particularly time-of-service discounts and hardship discounts - 6 hour Risk 120 - Understanding the legalities of fee discounts, particularly time-of-service discounts and hardship discounts - 3 hour
Risk 121 - Nutritional Supplementation and Counseling: Tackling Some Legal Issues Risk 122 - Treating the Athlete: Unique Malpractice Issues
Risk 123 - Avoiding Charges of “Patient Abandonment”: Terminating the Doctor/Patient Relationship Lawfully and Ethically Risk 124 - Fee Splitting
Risk 125 - Introduction to Forensic Science Risk 126 - Risks and liabilities encountered with electronic communications
Risk 127 - Why become an ethical expert witness? Risk 128 - Daubert criteria and its challenges
Risk 129 - An introduction to the basics of a deposition Risk 130 - Legal and Regulatory Issues Associated with Healthcare Marketing
Risk 131 - Risk Management Considerations of Patient Financial Matters Risk 131 - 133 
Risk 132 - Protect Your Practice with Innovative Risk Management Techniques Risk 133 - Legal Do's and Don'ts All Chiropractors Should Know
SacroOccipital Technique 101 - Theory, Diagnosis and Application Soft Tissue Injuries 101 - Soft Tissue Injury: The Neglected Cause of Musculoskeletal Disorders
Soft Tissue Injuries 101 - 104 Soft Tissue Injuries 103 - Comprehensive Introduction to Soft tissue Injury and Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 104 - The Shoulder: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment Soft Tissue Injuries 105 - Elbow, Wrist and Hand: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 105 - 107 Soft Tissue Injuries 106 - The Cervical Spine: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 107 - The TMJ: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment Soft Tissue Injuries 108 - Thoracic Spine and Rib Cage: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 109 - Lumbopelvic Spine: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment Soft Tissue Injuries 110 - Hip and Knee: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 111 - Ankle and Foot: Biomechanics, Pathology and Soft Tissue Treatment Soft Tissue Injuries 112 - Strain/Counterstrain: Theory, Technique and Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 113 - Therapeutic Stretching and Exercise Rehabilitation Soft Tissue Injuries 114 - Deep Tissue Muscle and Fascial Release: Evaluation and Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 115 - Active Myofascial Rehabilitation Soft Tissue Injuries 116 - Understanding Acceleration/Deceleration Impact: Crash Reconstruction, Research, Injury and Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 117 - Functional Kinesiology and Movement; Biomechanics, Pathology and Treatment Soft Tissue Injuries 118 - Soft Tissue Injury Examination
Soft Tissue Injuries 119 - Treatments for Soft Tissues of the Musculoskeletal Frame Soft Tissue Injuries 120 - Modalities: Theories, Application and Treatment
Soft Tissue Injuries 121 - Posture; Normal Biomechanics, Pathology and Treatment for Scoliosis and Spinal Distortion Syndromes. Spinal Decompression 101 - Science and clinical application
Spinal Decompression 150 - Vertebral Axial Decompression Sports Medicine 101 - Golf: overview of injury assessment and rehab, balance, coordination
Sports Medicine 102 - Golf: muscles used in the swing, chiropractic's influence, practical swing suggestions, physical conditioning Sports Medicine 103 - Golf: fundamentals of the swing and ball flight, golf injuries, injury prevention, shoulder muscles used in the swing
Sports Medicine 105 - Cardiorespiratory fitness: assessment and exercise prescription Sports Medicine 106 - A head-to-toe look at non-critical, undiagnosed injuries requiring your clinical decisionmaking
Sports Medicine 107 - Clinical Aspects of Functional Lower Limb Injuries Sports Medicine 108 - Lateral Epicondylosis, Achilles & Patellar Tendonopathy, Management in Athletes
Sports Medicine 109 - Caring for golfers Sports Medicine 110 - Ober Test, Extensor Carpi Ulnaris, Femoroacetabular Impingement & Movement Screening
Spray and Stretch 201 - Vapocoolant Therapy - Indications/Contraindications, Triggerpoints and Technique Stroke and Manipulation 101 - Stroke and spinal manipulation: anatomy, epidemiology, pathogenesis of dissections and triggers, neurological syndromes, clinical management
Stroke and Manipulation 102 - SMT in the Medicare Population - Risks, Facts, and Figures Stroke and Manipulation 103 - Risk, Association, Screening & Blood Flow
Stroke and Manipulation 104 - Cervical Spinal Manipulative Therapy (CSMT) and Vertebrobasilar Ischemia (VBI) Stroke and Manipulation 105 - Clinical Aspects of Cervical Artery Strokes
Suicide Assessment 201 - Suicide and Non-Suicide Self-Injury, Inward-Focused Emotions: Suicide and Assessmet of Risk for In-Hospital Suicide and Aggression in High-Dependency Care Environments Suicide Assessment 202 - Veterans, Veterans Administration Health Care, and Palliative Care, Veterans Mental Health Issues and Suicide Awareness and Strategies and Management of Suicide Risk
Washington State Suicide Assessment and Referral - This course has been approved by the Washington Department of Health as an approved training program for the mandated Suicide Assessment CE requirement and is listed on the Model List of suicide training for health professionals Wellness 101 - Obesity: epidemiology, etiology, theories, pathophysiology, risks and morbidities
Wellness 102 - Obesity: assessment and management (dietary and exercise) Wellness 103 - Body composition: principles, anthropometric measures, circumference measures, lab measures
Wellness 104 - Health and Wellness: definition and components, dimensions of wellness, Healthy People initiative Wellness 105 - Smoking Cessation: helping patients to quit
Womens Health 201 - Foundations in Core And Pelvic Floor Health Xray 101 - Radiology Report Writing, Variants of the Thoracic & Lumbar Spine, Piriformis Syndrome and MRI
Xray 102 - Review of US, CT, Diskography and Myelography, Osteonecrosis, Skeletal Variants - Cervical Xray 103 - Overview of Bone Scans, Rib Fractures, Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Synovial Cysts and Osteoid Osteoma
Xray 107 - LBP origins and how different spine conditions could affect chiropractic treatment Xray 108 - Pediatric and Adult Anterior Knee Pain
Xray 110 - An Interactive, In-depth look at Anatomy of the Knee Xray 112 - What is MRI with Indications and contraindications for use
Xray 113 - Ligamentous and Osteochondral injuries of the knee Xray 114 - Differentiating types of calcification and ossification on x-ray
Xray 115 - A systematic Approach to Interpreting Plain Film Radiographs of the Spine/Pelvis Xray 116 - Identifying aneurysm on x-ray
Xray 117 - Identifying the three most common cancers of bone on diagnostic imaging Xray 118 - Imaging of Musculoskeletal Trauma - An Overview
Xray 119 - Osteoporosis and the use of DEXA for diagnosis Xray 119 - 127 
Xray 123 - Diagnostic imaging and the diabetic foot Xray 124 - Ankylosing Spondylitis
Xray 124 - 146 Xray 125 - Gout: Diagnosis and Diagnostic Imaging
Xray 126 - Imaging and Conservative Management of Osteoarthritis Xray 127 - Disc herniations and degernative disc disease: clinical findings and diagnostic imaging
Xray 128 - Analysis of 5 view cervical x-rays for misalignment and loss of motion Xray 129 - Vertebral Compression Fractures
Xray 129 - 134 Xray 130 - Extremity Fractures
Xray 131 - Dislocations and Diagnostic Imaging Xray 132 - Pediatric Safety Concerns with Diagnostic Imaging
Xray 133 - Diagnostic Imaging and the Fetus Xray 134 - Pediatric Fractures
Xray 135 - Positron Emission Tomography (PET scans) Xray 136 - Tumor-Like Conditions Found on Plain Film Xray
Xray 137 - Ordering proper diagnostic imaging for common chiropractic conditions Xray 138 - Imaging and Imaging Features related to Back Pain
Xray 139 - The Imaging of Upper Cervical Spine Trauma Xray 140 - Chest Xray
Xray 141 - AP Open Mouth Projection - a simple yet complicated view. Xray 142 - Differential Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Conditions Mimicked by Sinus/Chest Conditions
Xray 143 - Radiation Protection Xray 144 - Imaging of Lower Cervical Spine Trauma
Xray 145 - Abdominal Calcifications on plain film Xray 145 - 154 
Xray 146 - The Imaging of Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma Xray 147 - Imaging Sports Injuries
Xray 147 - 150 Xray 148 - Lines and Mensurations
Xray 149 - Vertebral Edge Fractures Xray 150 - Common surgical hardware seen on plain film radiographs
Xray 150 - 153 Xray 151 - Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 1
Xray 152 - Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 2 Xray 153 - Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 3
Xray 154 - Cancer Metastasizing to Bone Xray 155 - Conditions of the Middle–Aged Adult
Xray 155 - 165 Xray 156 - Pediatric Bone Scintigraphy - Common Indications
Xray 158 - Ostepenia in chiropractic patients and its relevance Xray 159 - Breast Cancer – Diagnostic Imaging and CAM
Xray 160 - Fractures with Surgical Repair Xray 161 - Conditions Affecting the Vertebrae Seen on Plain Film Radiographs
Xray 162 - Spine Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging Xray 163 - Inflammatory Arthritis
Xray 164 - Differentiating Common Arthritides Xray 165 - Problem solving approach to arthritis
Xray 166 - Metal in the Patient – Safety and Usage of Diagnostic Imaging Xray 167 - Fractures Through the Ages