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Neurology 207b

Physiological Basis of Nerve Conduction and Bioinstrumentation


  • Compare and contrast Compound Muscle Action potential (CMAP), Sensory Nerve Action Potential (SNAP) and Motor Unit Potential (MUP).
  • List the components of a spinal cord alpha motor neuron.
  • Describe the basic structure of Schwann Cells and myelin.
  • Discuss the role of Schwann Cells and myelin in action potential transmission.
  • Recite the levels of the neuraxis which may be involved in disease that is detectable by electrodiagnostic testing.
  • List the types and levels of nervous system compression.
  • List common reasons and disorders for referral for electrodiagnostic testing.
  • Describe a routine electrodiagnostic encounter.
  • Demonstrate the position of electrodes in a typical median nerve study through the carpal tunnel.
  • List the most common neuropathies of the upper and lower extremities.
  • Compare and contrast typical electrodiagnostic findings for radiculopathy versus neuropathy. 
  • Define and discuss the “Gold Standard” portions of the electrodiagnostic examinations.
  • Discuss single fiber EMG.
  • Identify the components of the needle EMG examination and discuss how various pathological conditions might be demonstrated by each component of the examination.
  • Describe the morphology of positive sharp waves, fibrillations and motor unit potentials.
  • Describe the morphology of positive sharp waves and fibrillations.
  • Identify normal from abnormal patterns of muscular recruitment under minimal, moderate and maximal muscle contraction. 
  • List various causes of radiculopathy.
  • Discuss the history of radiculopathy through time.
  • Contrast and compare various causes of radiculopathy.
  • Discuss the need for and types of advanced imaging following abnormal findings on an electrodiagnostic examination.
  • Discuss the utility of electrodiagnosis to the Doctor of Chiropractic.


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