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Course Categories for Profession: Chiropractic Assistant
Category Instructors
A Free Hour of CE - CA - Click Here Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Alabama Chiropractic Law Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Anti Aging Certificate Program Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Arizona Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Certification multiple
CA Certification - Acupuncture Paul Sherman, DC
CA Certification - Anatomy and Terminology Richard Saporito, DC
CA Certification - Boundaries and Prof Conduct Angelica Redleaf, DC
CA Certification - Chiropractic Principles Robert Affolter, DC
CA Certification - Cultural Competency Angelica Redleaf, DC
CA Certification - Documentation Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Paul Sherman, DC
CA Certification - Emergency Procedures Brett Kinsler, DC
CA Certification - Mgmt of Common Conditions Robert Schwer, DC
CA Certification - Physical Therapy Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Saporito, DC
CA Certification - Vital Signs Richard Saporito, DC
CA Certification - Xray Lynne Kirkutis, DC
Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Course for FCLB Exam multiple
Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Refresher Course for FCLB Exam multiple
Colorado Chiropractic Assistant Xray Training Program multiple
Compliance Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC
Connecticut Laws and Regulations Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Core Stability Debra Dent, BPT, Dip Manip PT, OCS, FCAMPT
Diagnostic Imaging Federico Villafane, DC, DACBR - Jan Martensen, DC, DACBR - Melanie Osterhouse, DC, DACBR - multiple - Paul Sherman, DC - Robert Affolter, DC - Steven Weiner, MD, DC, DACBR
Documentation David Taylor, DC, DABCN, FIACN - Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC - Paul Sherman, DC
Documentation - Clinical Justification Gregg Friedman, DC
Ethics for Professionals Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Georgia Training Course for Operators of Xray Equipment Lynne Kirkutis, DC
HIPAA Training Jill Foote - Healthcare IT Specialist
LGBTQ - Clinical Considerations Richard Saporito, DC
Medical Marijuana Emmett Hughes, DC
Nevada CA Training Program multiple
Nevada Jurisprudence Board Rules Paul Powers, DC, DABCN
Oklahoma Chiropractic Assistant Training Program multiple
Opioid Management Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Oregon Chiropractic Assistant Training Program multiple
Risk Management and Malpractice Kathy Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC - Peter Van Tyle, Esq
South Dakota Chiropractic Assistant Training Program multiple
Therapeutic Modalities Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT
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Acupuncture CA40 -

Intro to Acupuncture

Alabama Chiropractic Law 201 
Alabama Chiropractic Law 201 - 202 Anatomy and Terminology CA130 -

Anatomy and Terminology for the CA

Anti Aging Certificate Program Arizona Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Certification 
Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Course Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant Refresher Course 
Chiropractic Principles CA125 -

Philosophy for the CA

Chiropractic Principles CA126 -

Philosophy for the CA

Clinical Justification 203 -

Clinical Justification for Treatment of the Shoulder

Clinical Justification 204 -

Clinical Justification for the Chiropractic Treatment of Headaches

Colorado Chiropractic Assistant Xray Training Program Compliance 202 -

State and National Requirements for Office Policy and Procedure

Compliance 203 -

Audit Billing and Coding for Maximum Safety

Compliance 204 -

Improved Compliance via Self Audit

Compliance 205 -

Compliance Factors to Consider with Insurance Billing and Follow Up

Compliance 206 -

Year End Financial Compliance

Compliance 207 -

Patient Financial Standard Operating Procedure

Core Stability 201 -

Foundation Form and Function

CT Laws and Regulations Course Cultural Competency CA101 -

Developing an Appreciation, Sensitivity, Knowledge and Skills in Caring for Those from Other Races, Cultures, Ages, etc.

Cultural Competency CA102 -

How to Develop the Needed Skills and Understanding to Care for the Rising Latino Population in the US.

Diagnostic Imaging 201 - The Basics of Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
Documentation CA60 -

Documentation and Insurance Protocols Related to Medical Record Keeping, Billing and Coding

Documentation 102 -

Medicare Documentation - Part 1

Documentation 103 -

Medicare Documentation - Part 2

Documentation 160 -

ICD-10: Navigating the Coding Maze

Documentation 162 -

Regs and Risk Management with Maintenance Care

Documentation 163 -

Documenting for Medical Necessity of Manual Therapies

Documentation 164 -

Compliance with Federal Guidelines for Timed Physical Medicine Procedures

Documentation 165 -

Compliant Coding and Documentation for all Chiropractic Techniques

Documentation 166 -

Documentation and Coding of Therapeutic Activities

Documentation 167 -

The Life Cycle of a Patients Chart

Documentation 168 -

The Secrets of Chiro-Compliant Coding

Documentation 169 -

Triage Your Patients with Compliant Treatment

Documentation 170 -

Medicare and the Quality Payment Program

Documentation 171 -

Ancillary Services: Yes, You Have to Document Those Too

Documentation 172 -

In-Processing Federal Patients: Active or Maintenance

Documentation 173 -

Why Render A Prognosis? Defining the Problem

Documentation 174 -

Compliant Documentation for Adjusting Multiple Spinal Regions

Documentation 176 -

Document Clinical Rationale for Active Care Rehab

Documentation 177 -

The Ideal Documentation for an Episode of Care

Documentation 178 -

Documenting and Coding for Unproven, Investigational or Experimental Procedures

Documentation 179 -

Documentation Nuances for All Interested Parties

Documentation 180 -

Evaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines Made Simple Part 1

Documentation 180 - 181 Documentation 181 -

Evaluation and Management Documentation Guidelines Made Simple Part 2

Documentation 182 - The 5 Documentation Mistakes You're Probably Making Documentation 183 - The Established Patient Evaluation - Who, What, When and How
Documentation 184 - Minimize Medicare Risk for Peace of Mind Emergency Procedures CA10 -

Preparing for Common Emergencies

Ethics for Professionals 101 -

Morality and Ethics in Professional Practice

Ethics for Professionals 102 -

Ethical Problems, Ethical Distress and Ethical Dilemma's

Ethics for Professionals 103 -

The Analysis of Ethical Problems in Professional Life

Ethics for Professionals 104 -

Ethics of Confidential Information

Ethics for Professionals 105 -

Informed Consent

Georgia Training Course for Operators of Xray Equipment 
HIPAA 201 - Security Risk Assessment - A Key Component of HIPAA Risk Management HIPAA 202 -

Security Risk Management- A HIPAA Requirement

HIPAA 203 -

Getting a Handle on HIPAA Privacy

HIPAA Training CA62 
History Taking CA70 - Taking a Proper History Hydrotherapy and Spa Applications 
LGBTQ 201 - Body Image and Eating Disorders, Sociocultural Factors and Questioning in an Inclusive and Affirmative Environment Medical Marijuana 201 - Eligibility and Use
Mgmt of Common Conditions CA80 Nevada CA Training Program 
Nevada Jurisprudence Board Rules -

Review of NAC Codes Pertaining to Chiropractic in Nevada

Oklahoma 12 Hour Chiropractic Assistant Training Program 
Oklahoma Chiropractic Assistant CE Course Opioid Management 201 -

Manual Therapies for Chronic Pain Management of Patients During Opioid Crisis

Opioid Management 202 -

Addiction and the Opioid Crisis: Is Cannabis Oil (CBD Oil) the Answer?

Oregon Chiropractic Assistant Training Program 
Physical Therapy CA90 -

Introduction to PT Modalities

Physical Therapy CA91 
Professional Boundaries CA50 Professional Boundaries CA51 
Professional Boundaries CA52 Risk 131 -

Risk Management Considerations of Patient Financial Matters

Risk 132 -

Protect Your Practice with Innovative Risk Management Techniques

Risk 133 -

Legal Do's and Don'ts All Chiropractors Should Know

Risk 134 -

Risk Management - Social Media and Cloud Computing

Risk 135 -

Record Retention and Disposal and the 18 PHI Identifiers

Risk 136 -

Managing Risk Using the 2018 OIG Chiropractic Portfolio

Risk 137 -

Minimizing Risk by Preventing Medicare Improper Payments

South Dakota Chiropractic Assistant Training Program Ultrasound Therapy -

Ultrasound Therapy

Vital Signs CA20 -

Vital Signs for the Chiropractic Assistant

Xray 108 -

Pediatric and Adult Anterior Knee Pain

Xray 114 -

Differentiating Types of Calcification and Ossification on X-Ray

Xray 115 -

A Systematic Approach to Interpreting Plain Film Radiographs of the Spine/Pelvis

Xray 116 -

Identifying Aneurysm on X-Ray

Xray 118 -

Imaging of Musculoskeletal Trauma - An Overview

Xray 123 -

Diagnostic Imaging and the Diabetic Foot

Xray 124 -

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Xray 125 -

Gout: Diagnosis and Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 126 -

Imaging and Conservative Management of Osteoarthritis

Xray 127 -

Disc Herniations and Degenerative Disc Disease: Clinical Findings and Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 128 -

Analysis of 5 View Cervical X-Rays for Misalignment and Loss of Motion

Xray 129 -

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Xray 130 -

Extremity Fractures

Xray 131 -

Dislocations and Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 132 -

Pediatric Safety Concerns with Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 133 - Diagnostic Imaging and the Fetus Xray 133 - 144 
Xray 134 -

Pediatric Fractures

Xray 135 - Positron Emission Tomography (PET Scans)
Xray 136 -

Tumor-Like Conditions Found on Plain Film Xray

Xray 137 - Ordering Proper Diagnostic Imaging for Common Chiropractic Conditions
Xray 138 -

Imaging and Imaging Features Related to Back Pain

Xray 139 -

The Imaging of Upper Cervical Spine Trauma

Xray 140 - Chest X-Ray Xray 141 -

AP Open Mouth Projection - A Simple yet Complicated View.

Xray 142 -

Differential Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Conditions Mimicked by Sinus/Chest Conditions

Xray 143 -

Radiation Protection

Xray 144 -

Imaging of Lower Cervical Spine Trauma

Xray 145 -

Abdominal Calcifications on Plain Film

Xray 146 -

The Imaging of Thoracolumbar Spine Trauma

Xray 147 -

Imaging Sports Injuries

Xray 150 - Common Surgical Hardware Seen on Plain Film Radiographs Xray 151 -

Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 1

Xray 152 - Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 2 Xray 153 - Geriatric Conditions Seen on Plain Film - Part 3
Xray 154 -

Cancer Metastasizing to Bone

Xray 154 - 158 
Xray 155 -

Conditions of the Middle Aged Adult

Xray 156 -

Pediatric Bone Scintigraphy - Common Indications

Xray 157 -

Spondylolisthesis and Transitional Segments

Xray 158 -

Ostepenia in Chiropractic Patients and its Relevance

Xray 159 -

Diagnostic Imaging of Breast Cancer and CAM

Xray 160 - Fractures with Surgical Repair
Xray 161 - Conditions Affecting the Vertebrae Seen on Plain Film Radiographs Xray 162 -

Spine Pathology and Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 163 -

Inflammatory Arthritis

Xray 164 - Differentiating Common Arthritides
Xray 165 -

Problem Solving Approach to Arthritis

Xray 166 -

Metal in the Patient, Safety and Usage of Diagnostic Imaging

Xray 167 - Fractures Through the Ages Xray 168 - Case Reviews of Common Shoulder Pathologies Seen in Practice
Xray CA01 -

The Basics of X-Ray Technology, Terminology and Spinal X-Ray Positioning

Xray CA02 -

X-Ray Positioning: Upper Extremities, Chest, Lower Extremities

Xray CA03 -

Radiographic Procedures, Safety, Mistakes to Avoid and Tips for Optimal X-Rays