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Acupuncture 458
Identification of Patterns - Lung, Spleen, Kidney and Stomach: A comprehensive study of these organs and their relationships


  • Describe how exterior Wind (combined with Heat or Cold) can invade the Lung Exterior portion to cause exterior patterns
  • Discuss and differentiate the effects of Dryness and Dampness on the Lungs
  • Recognize Lung Deficiency patterns
  • Identify Lung Excess patterns
  • Differentiate Lung Phlegm patterns
  • Describe and differentiate Spleen Deficiency Patterns
  • Compare and contrast Spleen Cold-Dampness and Damp-Heat in the Spleen
  • Analyze the significance of the duality of Kidney-Yin and Kidney-Yang in Kidney pathology
  • Point out the differences and similarities associated with Yin, Yang, and Jing Deficiencies in the Kidneys
  • Outline the importance of heredity in determining the strength of a child's Kidneys
  • Apply the significance of Stomach-Qi in prognosis
  • Illustrate how Stomach-Qi manifests on tongue and pulse

James Ventresca, DOM

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