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Laser 207
Get Back in the Game Body Recalibration through Laser Therapy


  • Summarize the volume of research that led to the USSR implementing laser by 1974 as standard care
  • Summarize the differences between LEDs and different classes of lasers
  • Discover which wavelength was preferred by the Soviets, and also has 18 of the 21 FDA clearances • Utilize case studies to support that this is not a placebo
  • Summarize the results of the level 1, double blind study that showed a 635 nm class 2 laser was more effective than opioids for chronic low back pain of a minimum duration of 8 years
  • Discover how to easily integrate laser therapy into an existing practice for better patient outcomes
  • contrast the difference in clearances and uses for a class 4 laser vs a class 2 laser for chronic condition for better implementation into treatment protocols
  • illustrate treatment applications and contraindications with videos and pictures
  • identify the injuries that respond to laser therapy and the research that supports them
  • generate a treatment plan with lasers for each condition describedCcontrast the effectiveness of different types of lasers and NSAIDS and Opioids vs laser
  • Illustrate techniques via video/pictures
  • Identify the specific pathways that research has shown that laser can be beneficial for support of these conditions when applied transcranially
  • Classify which conditions are contraindications and which types of lasers are contraindicated transcranially
  • Summarize the findings on the autism study and its submission to the FDA for review
  • Summarize what occurs on a cellular level after a concussion, and what occurs when laser is applied and nutrients are utilizedClassify which injuries and conditions respond well to low level laser
  • Illustrate set up methods and treatment protocols for several conditions
  • Utilize case studies with video/picture demonstrations
  • Summarize the studies that showed improvement from laser therapy in performance metrics like muscle strength, endurance, and recovery
  • Discuss the studies that show a 25 to 35% faster recovery for several sports injuries and auto accident injuries when laser therapy is applied
  • Determine how to use laser therapy with athletes in the office both for injuries and for performance enhancement

Kirk Gair, DC, IDE

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