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Chiropractic Doctor

Physical Diagnosis 135

Fibromyalgia - Myths and Realities


  • Define Fibromyalgia from an allopathic perspective
  • Review historical treatment by traditional medical community
  • Examine current allopathic theories and treatments
  • Review signs and symptoms, demographics and presentation of the fibromyalgia patient
  • Obtain an accurate diagnosis through labwork and history as it pertains to the fibromyalgia patient.
  • Differentially Diagnosis adrenal fatigue, perimenopause, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue
  • Determine the Labwork needed to evaluate a fibromyalgia patient
  • Discuss the fibromyalgia patient’s point of view of symptoms and treatments
  • Contrast the varying possible diagnoses from the alternative healer viewpoint
  • Explain the Fibromyalgia “personality type”
  • Create a team approach with other practitioners in the treatment of the fibromyalgia patient
  • Determine the appropriate organic treatments that may be needed to treat the fibromyalgia patient including Gluten intolerance, Food allergies, and Supplementation
  • Discuss Musculoskeletal treatments for fibromyalgia patients including Adjustments, Massage, and Prolo therapy
  • Integrate appropriate exercise and home remedies for the fibromyalgia patient including 5 Tibetan Rites, Yoga, Walking, and swimming

Robin Mayfield, DC

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