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Chiropractic Doctor

Physical Diagnosis 137
Migraine Headaches, Cluster Headaches and More: Differential Diagnosis


  • Discuss the effects of spinal manipulation on headache
  • Refer for alternative remedies for headaches
  • Evaluate the emotional and mind-body connections as it relates to headaches
  • List 14 different categories of foods that can trigger a Migraine
  • Discover the eastern diagnosis of underlying conditions for headaches, including emotional and spiritual blockages
  • Create a treatment plan for addressing the headache and potential underlying conditions
  • Differentially diagnose underlying conditions related to headache
  • Educate your patients on home remedies for their headaches
  • Examine the economic impact of headaches
  • Discriminate between headache pains and locations
  • Recognize migraine headaches, even when head pain is not present
  • Specify musculoskeletal treatments to reduce or eliminate headache symptoms

Robin Mayfield, DC

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