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Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters

  • NOTE:  CE Course #OCEC0001 Approved by PA Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for Mandatory Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting and counts towards 2 hours of PA license renewal credit
  • Course Updated June 2017
  • Cite statistics on the scope of child abuse in Pennsylvania
  • Define the term child
  • Define the term perpetrator
  • Differentiate the commission of abuse from failure to act
  • Explain the religious exemption to neglect
  • Describe the effects of domestic violence on children in the home
  • Define human trafficking
  • List the risk factors to children / adolescents becoming victims of human trafficking
  • Compare and contrast Child Protective Services and General Protective Services
  • List the responsibilities of the Child Protective Services agencies
  • Explain the goals of General Protective Services
  • Outline the investigative process that occurs once a report is filed
  • Indicate the additional procedures involved when the alleged perpetrator is a school or child services employee
  • Define mandatory reporter and permissive reporter
  • Explain the reporting requirements of mandatory reporters
  • Outline the process of making a report of suspected abuse – Childline
  • Summarize the suspension of privileged communication and the exemptions
  • Define Presumption of Good Faith
  • Explain the granting of immunity to mandatory and permissive reporters
  • List the penalties for failure to report suspected child abuse by mandatory reporters
  • List signs of abuse and neglect
  • Explain the appropriate history and examination components in cases of suspected abuse and neglect
  • Cite resources for patient education

Richard Saporito, DC

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