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Chiropractic Doctor

Risk 130

Legal and Regulatory Issues Associated with Healthcare Marketing


  • Perform professional advertising and marketing that passes state and federal legal restriction.
  • Comprehend requirements for advertising testimonials, press releases, television, radio, Internet, personal solicitation and other marketing initiatives.
  • Comprehend the limits of commercial speech (advertising) within the arena of professional healthcare marketing and dissemination of information.
  • Train staff and implement policies associated with marketing initiatives and materials vis-a-vis state rules, regulations and statutes.
  • Comprehend issues associated with signage, listings, letterhead, and other matters of ostensible agency that may lead to liability.
  • Administer professional marketing such that it neither misleads, confuses nor exploits members of the public.
  • Discuss how nutritional supplementation labeling and HIPAA affects professional healthcare marketing efforts.
  • Undertake a review of marketing materials and initiatives so as to ensure compliance with relevant state rules, regulations and statutes.
  • Administer coverage decisions, professional referrals, and communicate same in a manner that limits professional liability.

Peter Van Tyle, Esq

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