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Chiropractic Doctor

Neurology 210a

The Subluxation Complex and the Chiropractic Adjustment


  • Evaluate the subluxation complex and the chiropractic adjustment.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the neurology of spinal joints and how this may be altered by a spinal subluxation complex.
  • Consider the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic adjustments through a review of the scientific literature and understanding of a decline in literature integrity and literature bias.
  • Consider the scientific literature regarding chiropractic adjustments and a measurable decrease in pain.
  • List and identify the components of the synovial joint and spinal joint mechanoreceptors.
  • Consider activities in and around the nervous system that occur after nerve tissue injury.
  • Distinguish different levels of nervous system involvement in neuropathic pain, including the peripheral neuron, the dorsal root ganglia and the dorsal horn neurons, as well as concepts of descending inhibition.
  • Analyze the goals and effects of the chiropractic adjustment on pain.
  • Examine the scientific literature regarding the physiological effects of a subluxation and adjustment upon non-musculoskeletal systems.

Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN

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