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Chiropractic Doctor

Neurology 209c

Professional Boundaries and Ethics - An Interactive Discussion


  • Review items included in the State and American Chiropractic Association "Principles of Chiropractic Ethics".
  • Define and distinguish between principles of philosophy, ethics and morality. 
  • Explore the concept of "The Greater Good".
  • Differentiate general concepts of what is right and wrong, from personal decisions of what is right and wrong.
  • Define the term "Fiduciary Responsibility".
  • Give examples of "Ethical Dilemmas" that might face a doctor of chiropractic and provide discussion of alternative thoughts.
  • Discuss issues of “boundary crossings & violations” in regard to chiropractic practice.

Joseph Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN

AudioVisual Course
Diplomate Level;

$40.00 USD

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