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Chiropractic Doctor

Nutrition 149

Clinical Nutrition - 10 Common Pathologies Patients Present With


  • Identify sources and functions of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, alcohol, vitamins, minerals, and water in the human body.
  • Demonstrate the importance of a balanced diet and use tools that can be utilized to evaluate the nutritional adequacy of a diet (RDA, Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate, etc.).
  • Identify the relationship between diet and chronic diseases/illnesses (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis, etc.) and what modifications can be made in the diet to reduce the risk for these diseases/illnesses.
  • Recall current nutritional recommendations for healthy eating habits (American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, etc.).
  • Utilize nutrition terminology and related terminology appropriately.
  • Demonstrate lifelong healthful eating habits by differentiating between beneficial and non-beneficial dietary practices.
  • Develop nutritional scripts for 10 of the most common adult pathologies that can be potentially palliative or reverses through dietary changes.

Jennifer Illes, DC

AudioVisual Course

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