HIPAA Training - Chiropractic Doctor

HIPAA Made Simple
HIPAA protocols and compliance standards


  • NOTE:  This program includes a compliance manual and the forms you need to make your office HIPAA compliant
  • Discuss the history of HIPAA and its application to the Chiropractic office
  • Interpret the terminology of HIPAA i.e.: PHI, IIHI, NPP, TPO, NPI, EIN, EDI, etc.
  • Contrast covered entities vs. non-covered entities
  • Create a HIPAA compliant practice
  • Utilize appropriate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), code sets, identifiers, security and privacy
  • Apply the Privacy Rule, Patient Consent Form, Notice of Privacy Practices, Patient Authorization, Business Associate Agreements, Appointments of Privacy Officers and Staff training
  • Provide patient their proper rights as it pertains to access of their medical information, records and your practice etc

Sherman, DC

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