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Chiropractic Assistant

Personal Injury 201 - 202

Hour 1
  • Identify examples of traumatic spine, soft tissue and other commonly missed injuries
  • Develop a post-traumatic diagnostic imaging algorithm and protocol 
  • Recognize and develop an awareness for PI patient, carrier and attorney risks and liabilities
  • Discuss several areas of PI documentation scrutiny including the causation statement
Hour 2
  • Create a protocol to consistently implement outcome assessments into PI cases
  • Recognize other options and opportunities available to humanize PI cases 
  • Identify common outcome assessments utilized in PI cases\
  • Improve awareness of clinical decisions that can be made from humanizing cases
Hour 3
  • Recognize the key elements of Personal Injury case management
  • Explain the importance of using co-management and integrative care in PI cases
  • Develop a protocol for obtaining pre- and post-injury medical records
  • Demonstrate and utilize both passive and active therapeutics in acute trauma cases  

Hour 4
  • Identify different types of co-management opportunities with other healthcare providers 
  • Distinguish between several common post-traumatic stress symptoms and conditions 
  • Recognize the importance of various diagnostic imaging procedures in case management
  • Create case management protocols, procedures and systems for consistent results   

S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC

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