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Chiropractic Assistant

Xray 181
Hilum, Mediastinum, Diaphragm


  • Develop and consistently use a complete search pattern for chest radiographs.
  • Link the history and physical examination findings with the radiological abnormalities to arrive at a reasonable diagnosis or differential diagnosis.
  • Recognize the presence of hilar enlargement.
  • Know the conditions that can lead to hilar enlargement.
  • Recognize the presence of mediastinal masses and know the disease that can cause mediastinal mass.
  • Be able to identify diaphragmatic hernias on chest radiographs Know the indications for referral based on abnormal chest radiographic findings.
  • Select appropriate imaging or other diagnostic procedures based on the history and physical examination.

Newsha Nanette Nargaski DC, DACBR, FCCR(c)

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