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Chiropractic Assistant

Medical Errors 202a - 202b
Definitions, Concepts, Scope of the Problem and Types of Errors


  • Define Medical Error
  • Discuss Medical Errors in the Context of Other Types of Error
  • Illustrate the Scope of the Medical Error Problem
  • List Serious Reportable Medical Events
  • Define Key Events in the Field of Patient Safety
  • Review the Epidemiology of Medical Error
  • Describe the Taxonomy of Medical Error
  • Identify commonly misdiagnosed conditions
  • Identify populations of special vulnerability
  • Review Types of Medical Errors
  • Discuss Falls and Teamwork/Communication Errors and how to prevent them
  • Summarize the following types of medical errors:
    1. medication errors
    2. handoff errors
    3. diagnostic errors
    4. healthcare acquired infections
    5. device associated infections
  • List factors that increase the risk of the above medical errors
  • Describe strategies to prevent the above medical errors

Dean Smith, DC, PhD

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