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Chiropractic Assistant

Management of Common Conditions 240
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Neurological Rehabilitation


Hour 1
  • Relate the effects of spinal stenosis in the development of intermittent claudication.
  • Utilize a treadmill and a stopwatch, to quantify both the effects of stenosis on functional ability of patients and the effectiveness of treatment of spinal stenosis.
  • Apply TENs over acupuncture points known to increase nerve blood supply and how to reverse the pathophysiology of lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Utilize dynamic imaging techniques, to gain a full appreciation of the changes in compression of the neural elements in different postures and spinal positions.
Hour 2
  • Apply an evidence based protocol of spinal decompression utilizing flexion-distraction techniques for spinal stenosis and degenerative spondylolisthesis.
  • Utilize therapeutic ultrasound to reduce congestion and inflammation of the compressed nerve roots in patients suffering from spinal stenosis.
  • Apply the neurophysiology of acupuncture, without needles, to reduce pain and promote proper nerve function in of lumbar spinal stenosis.
Hour 3
  • Utilize, best evidence, related to the use of lumbosacral support and back braces in their patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Utilize the  Vertetrac ambulatory decompression belt as the treatment for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis.
  • Implement a dynamic decompression exercise program for patients suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis, based on best evidence.
  • Understand the pathophysiology of lumbar spinal stenosis and implement nutritional strategies that may potentially modify the course of the condition.
  • Utilize trans-spinal direct current stimulation as a form of noninvasive neuromodulation for patients suffering from intermittent claudication and spinal stenosis.

George Kukurin, DC, DACAN

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