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Chiropractic Assistant

Documentation 102

Medicare Documentation - Part 1


Hour 1

  • Utilize improved patient communication skills with Medicare Patients 
  • Apply appropriate risk management procedures to enhance patient communication
  • Identify the four elements of legal malpractice and recognize the key components to avoid a malpractice action  
  • Utilize key components of good documentation and record keeping
  • Integrate the legal requirements of informed consent in your informed consent process 

Hour 2

  • Summarize why doctors are held to higher standards
  • Discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of record keeping
  • Use the 21 NCQA guidelines for appropriate medical record keeping and integrate the 3 key components of Evidence Based Practice (EBP)

Hour 3

  • Assess Medicare’s mandatory Electronic Health Records (EHR) requirement        
  • Discuss key items related to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) reports regarding Medicare and chiropractic services
  • Summarize Executive Order issued by the White House titled reducing improper payments and eliminating waste in the Federal Programs

Hour 4

  • Determine what triggers an audit and key items to consider if audited
  • Utilize a step by step approach to meet all Federal Medicare Documentation guidelines 
  • Summarize Medicare’s guidelines for necessity of chiropractic care and its covered services
  • Prepare treatment plans per Medicare’s regulation requirements
  • Recognize Medicare’s policy requirements pertaining to x-ray/diagnostic reimbursement
  • Determine if ordering vs. referred services meet Medicare’s policy when performed by a chiropractic physician

Paul Sherman, DC

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