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Chiropractic Assistant

Professional Boundaries CA51

  • Perform an exercise to identify personal concepts of touch
  • Create practical applications for healthcare practitioners with regard to gender, touch, and sexuality
  • Define sexual misconduct
  • Recognize the difference between sexual misconduct and sexual harassment
  • Critique different models of misconduct
  • Describe how misconduct occurs
  • Distinguish between different types of offenders
  • Give examples of case studies in sexual misconduct
  • Identify common fears and misconceptions of sexual misconduct
  • Specify important concepts of treated a patient who has a history of abuse
  • Define professional boundaries and relate the issue of consent
  • Describe the three types of power, the three patterns of power, and how power is used
  • Discuss the differences between adherence vs. compliance and transference vs. countertransference
  • Identify anatomical risk levels for touch
  • Develop safe touch guidelines
  • Create a set of office based interventions and patient based interventions in the development of safe practice strategies
  • Define educational interventions for safe practice strategies
  • Define the basics of the supervision for a safe practice strategy

Angelica Redleaf, DC


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