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    Chiropractic Assistant

    Nevada CA Training Program

    Hours 1 and 2

    Topic:  Chiropractic Principles
    Instructor: Affolter, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Discuss a brief history of Chiropractic
    • Describe the basics of Chiropractic Philosophy
    • Discuss Chiropractic, Adaptation and Innate Intelligence
    • Review how Chiropractic is built upon the basic sciences of anatomy (structure), physiology (function) and the clinical sciences (patient application).
    • Understand how Chiropractic affects specific conditions


    Hour 3

    Topic:  Emergency Procedures
    Instructor: Kinsler, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Know how to prepare for a medical emergency
    • Review four emergency medical conditions: Stroke, Heart Attack, Difficulty Breathing, Diabetic Emergencies
    • Recognize the causes, symptoms and signs for these emergencies
    • Understand how to provide the appropriate emergency treatments


    Hours 4 and 5

    Topic:  HIPAA Training
    Instructor: Sherman, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Discuss the History of HIPAA
    • Understanding Terminology of HIPAA i.e.: PHI, IIHI, NPP, TPO, NPI, EIN, EDI, etc.
    • Understand covered entities vs. non-covered entities
    • Understand what HIPAA truly means to a practice and does everyone have to comply
    • Understand what Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), code sets, identifiers, security and privacy
    • Understand the Privacy Rule, Patient Consent Form, Notice of Privacy Practices, Patient Authorization, Business Associate Agreements, Appointments of Privacy Officers and Staff training
    • Understand patient rights as it pertains to access of their medical information, records and your practice etc.
    • Understand and feel confident about HIPAA Guidelines


    Hours 6 through 9

    Topic:  History Taking
    Instructor: Powers, DC, DABCN
    Educational Objectives:

    • Interview a patient using the skills of the patient-centered interview
    • Elicit from patients their stories of illness, while pursuing the broader life setting in which symptoms occur
    • Elicit from patients key information in their medical, family, and psychosocial histories
    • Recognize and respond appropriately to a patient’s emotions as they are expressed
    • Support and encourage expression of patients’ emotions
    • Critically assess one’s own performance and use of interviewing skill
    • Develop interpersonal skills enabling the establishment of long-term relationships with patients.


    Hours 10 through 21

    Topic:  Physical Therapy
    Instructor: Powers, DC, DABCN
    Educational Objectives:

    • Develop a basic understanding of muscle function, biomechanics, soft tissue repairs, bone injury and exercise physiology as it applies to the Chiropractic Assistant and the application of physical therapy modalities/procedures
    • Develop an understanding of the use of cryotherapy and hot moist packs
    • Utilize traction and electrical therapy modalities
    • Develop an understanding of the effects of soft tissue massage
    • Apply stretch programs to patients
    • Discuss spinal exercise programs with the treating doctor
    • Learn the applicability of isokinetic testing


    Hours 22 through 25

    Topic:  Professional Boundaries
    Instructor: Redleaf, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Discuss the concept of Gender as it relates to society, language and culture
    • Identify Gender roles in Western Society
    • Recognize innate gender traits in males and females
    • Summarize socially imposed gender traits
    • Identify aspects of male and female psychological development
    • Relate basic concepts of Gender and Power
    • List female and male leadership factors
    • Discuss gender and the Doctor/Patient relationship
    • Identify the ways which gender affects the Doctor/Patient relationship
    • Describe what accounts for the differences, in practice style and patient care, between males and females healthcare providers
    • Define differing sexualities in western culture
    • Review sexuality as it relates to the Doctor/Patient relationship
    • Identify misconceptions in personal definitions of male, female, power and sexuality
    • Recognize when Power is misused and becomes a threat
    • Define Touch as it relates to perception, gender and culture
    • Discuss the giving up of power as it relates to patients and touch
    • Recognize the perception, intention, and uses of touch
    • Perform an analysis of individual conceptions of gender and sexuality


    Hours 26 and 27

    Topic:  Xray basics
    Instructor: Kirkutis, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Understand how x-rays are produced
    • Prepare a patient to have an x-ray examination
    • Recognize basic x-ray terminology
    • Recall patient positioning and x-ray projection terms
    • Recognize new advances in the radiology field
    • Visualize the basic positioning of the views discussed
    • Identify x-ray machine components
    • Describe particular views that make up an x-ray series
    • Recall general anatomy that will be seen on a certain view
    • Discuss the x-ray technique of the views described


    Hour 28 and 29

    Topic:  Nevada Administrative Codes
    Instructor: Powers, DC
    Educational Objectives:

    • Review and comprehend NAC 634 as it pertains to the practice of Chiropractic in Nevada
    • Perform acceptable advertising
    • Develop an understanding of Board Hearings
    • Understand Rules associated with Clinical Demonstrations, Record Keeping, Continuing Education requirements
    • Follow NAC codes as they pertain to Chiropractic Assistants and Chiropractors in Nevada


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