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    Chiropractic Assistant

    Risk 133

    Legal Do's and Don'ts All Chiropractors Should Know


    Hour 1

    • Identify various types of billing irregularities and impact on healthcare expenditures.
    • Distinguish upcoding from bundling within the context of irregular billing schemes.
    • Demonstrate how and when exceeding a state’s scope of practice becomes “the unauthorized practice of medicine.”
    • Explain the restrictions states’ scopes of practice place on healthcare providers’ authority to treat and diagnose patients.
    • Discuss how invoicing unrendered medical services impacts third-party payers.
    • Interpret chiropractic boards’ positions on testimonial advertising and how best to comply.

    Hour 2

    • Identify what constitute a false claim under the False Claims Act.
    • Discriminate a kickback from a self-referral.
    • Trace how anti-kickback legislation arose and examine its prohibitions.
    • Explain the enactment of Stark legislation arising on the heels of anti-kickback bans.
    • Assess providing nutritional counsel within the context of “the practice of medicine.”
    • Evaluate identity theft and its impact on patients, providers and the cost of healthcare.
    • Discriminate between illegal copayment waivers from proper hardship waivers.
    • Discuss court cases instancing successful prosecution of healthcare fraud.

    Peter Van Tyle, Esq

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