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The Ageless Adavantage

BOOK: The Ageless Adavantage: Your Complete Resource For Living Longer Through Diet and Lifestyle. A great book for doctors and their patients.
SOT Quick Reference Guide This will provide the practitioner with a stepwise procedural comparison chart of all steps for the treatment of SOT Category I, Category II and Category III, and a glossary of terms for easy use. 5.00
Boundaries in Healthcare by Dr. Angelica Redleaf

A book that is a training manual and guide for all healthcare providers in this essential subject. It covers topics such as gender, sexuality and touch in the healthcare relationship as well as reveals how to create a Provider Protection Protocol, a Safe Practice Protocol and a Safe Touch Protocol in ones practice. It also contains various ways of analyzing ones behavior in the practice setting and shows how to stay safe in practice.
Dr. Shermans Office Forms
This 22 page document provides you the following office forms: Patient Information, Consent for Minors, Review of Systems, History, Physical Examination forms including Spinal Orthopedic and Extremities, Radiographic Report, and Progress Notes (subsequent visits and findings. All Office forms were designed to meet the 21 NCQA guidelines
Practical Detoxification Implementation Handouts These 9 pages of Patient-ready PDF documents guide your patients through their 14-day detoxification process. Materials complement ?Clinical Detoxification (Nutrition 358)? course, though can be used as stand-alone references. Includes: Detox Q&A (most common patient questions/answers); 1-page explanation of benefits of detoxification; Detoxification Dietary guidelines; Day-by-Day Patient Instructions for each of 14 days of detox; Alkaline Broth recipe; and Patient Implementation Summary sheet. Note: This is a medical food-based detoxification approach. 19.95
Evaluating and Guiding Your Patients Lifestyle Habits Handouts

6) Patient-ready PDF documents to aid doctor in efficiently evaluating and guiding their patients lifestyle habits, including: Food “traffic-light” chart (dietary guidelines); (2) Diet Checklists (evaluate patient's current diet); 7-Day Diet Report (detailed assessment of dietary, exercise, sleep habits); Evening Wind-down Routine (guidelines for restorative sleep); Life Schedule chart (helps patient establish new health routines).
From Paint Rags to Riches

BOOK: From Paint Rags to Riches. Becoming A Real Estate Millionaire, by Robert Clyde Affolter, DC.
In todays real estate market it is more important than ever to have a plan for success. In this short, easy to read book Dr. Affolter combines his MBA with experience as a Realtor to give you the information you need to succeed.
Pre-Natal Chiropractic Care

BOOK: Pre-Natal Chiropractic Care

This bestselling book is over 150 pages and contains chapters on case management, adjusting a pregnant woman, adjusting a laboring woman, post partum care, The Bagnell technique, herbs to avoid during pregnancy, research, nutrition and so much more! Can now be found in 3 Chiropractic Colleges!
Patient Dietary Handouts

Patient Dietary Handouts

Patient Dietary Handouts on CDRom A patient education product designed for chiropractic physicians and other health care providers who use nutrition in their practices. This unique CD contains over 40 diets for common medical conditions. There are over 200 pages of patient handouts that are easy to read and follow. The CD is in easy to use format and also contains 25 food lists. Some of the diets for medical conditions include, osteoporosis, gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cholesterol, GERD, IBS, Kidney stones, gallstones, hypertension, etc. This is a turn-key product. You will be able to give the patient a printed diet that is very specific and easy to follow. It is designed to save you a significant amount of time and energy. It is a must for anyone using nutrition and giving nutrition advice.