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Veterinary Tech

Natural Veterinary Medicine 201

  • Associate the traditional Chinese medicine metaphors to the corresponding Western physiology and anatomy concepts
  • Compare and contrast the concepts of Qi, Yin, Yang, Zang and Fu
  • Recognize the relationship between Zang and Fu organs and their association with the Cooking Pot Analogy
  • Relate how a deficiency of a particular source of Qi may produces multiple manifestations and health effects
  • Describe the concept of pulse diagnosis
  • Summarize the similarities and differences in taking the History of Present Illness
  • Compare the traditional Chinese medicine paradigm to the modern Western medicine theories in the etiology of behavioral disorders
  • Identify the correspondence of modern Western therapeutic herbal supplements to traditional Chinese medicine remedies.
  • Recognize in the traditional Chinese medicine paradigm, the similarity of etiology for a wide variety of behavioral and emotional disorders
  • Differentiate the traditional Chinese medicine therapeutic approachs to dermatological disorders based on the theory of excess or deficiency

Linda DuPont, DVM

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