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Veterinary Medicine

Diagnostic Parasitology 201
The Language of Veterinary Parasitology and Parasites that Infect and Infest Domestic Animals


  • Briefly discuss the importance of veterinarians in public health
  • Briefly discuss the importance of veterinary parasitology
  • Describe the important types of symbiotic relationships
  • Become fluent in the language of veterinary parasitology
  • Utilize the Linnaean classification scheme within the discipline of veterinary parasitology
  • Define and describe terms associated with veterinary parasitology and give examples of parasites that exemplify these terms
  • Understand that many types of living “creatures” are capable of parasitizing domesticated, wild, exotic, and laboratory animals
  • Understand that the Linnaean classification scheme is an important tool for studying veterinary parasitology

Linda DuPont, DVM

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