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Washington State Suicide Assessment and Referral

  • Compare and contrast the profile of suicide in the US and Washington State
  • Describe the etiology of suicidal behavior in terms of biological, psychosocial, societal and cultural factors
  • Explain the continuum of self-protective behavioral responses
  • List common myths about suicidal behaviors
  • Discuss the theories of suicidal motivation
  • Explain the effect of suicide on others
  • Describe risk factors for suicide
  • Describe protective factors
  • Identify primary motivators of suicidal behavior in different age cohorts
  • Outline the etiology of suicidal behavior in military personnel and the LGBTQ+ community
  • Describe the role of screening in the health care practice
  • List common screening tools
  • List the NIMH 5 Action Steps
  • Identify key strategies of suicide prevention in the community
  • Discuss ways to engage the family in protecting their loved one
  • Explain the need for follow up and referral

Richard Saporito, DC

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