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Functional Medicine and Nutrition Virtual Classroom 215
Optimized Exercise & Fitness


Hour 1
  • Define and explain the different terms that identify exercise intensity and their relationship to maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max).
  • Discuss the history of exercise physiology and how technology influenced research and ultimately, exercise guidelines.
  • Differentiate the physiological responses to sprint interval training and to low-to-moderate intensity continuous training.
  • Reconstruct a lay explanation to patients and/or clients of why sprint interval training is an extremely effective strategy for improving overall health and fitness.
  • Summarize key research studies that support sprint interval training.

Hour 2

  • Recognize additional research that supports sprint interval training.
  • Identify key physiological benefits of sprint interval training.
  • Recall important case study benefits.
  • Outline effective overall strategies for implementing sprint interval training.
  • Distinguish appropriate sprint interval exercises for differing populations.

Mark J. Smith, PhD

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