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OT Assistant

Pediatrics 205

Cerebral Palsy (CP)


  • Become familiar with the classification, etiology and pathophysiology of CP
  • Explore and examine how an infant or child is diagnosed with CP
  • Compare and contrast single-system and multi-system impairments
  • Discuss the role of Occupational and Physical Therapy in the treatment CP
  • Become familiar with determinants of prognosis or outcome
  • List 5 treatment goals and interventions for the infant with CP
  • List 5 treatment goals and interventions for the child with CP
  • Describe the importance of reducing primary impairment and preventing secondary impairment in the infant/child with CP
  • Discuss the importance and significance of family involvement and key characteristics that must observed
  • List factors that must be addressed in preparation for the transition to adulthood in the adolescent with CP

Rocco Labbadia, RPT

Case Studies

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