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OT Assistant

Driver Rehab 102

Measuring Driving Potential Before Hitting the Road


  • Discuss who can benefit from the Adapted Driving Decision Guide
  • Recognize the role the clinical evaluation plays in helping to determine a client's readiness to drive
  • Describe the risk factors that contribute to driving cessation
  • Outline the range of assessment tests to administer during the clinical evaluation
  • Explore the role of the driver rehabilitation specialist in assessing drivers with hearing and visual impairments
  • Name and describe the six conceptual domains of cognitive functioning
  • Identify factors that are useful for predicting accidents.
  • Explain why DRS should be familiar with drug categories
  • Describe the different classifications of drugs
  • Discuss the impact that wheeled mobility and seating evals have on driving
  • Compare and contrast the benefits and limitations of driver simulations
  • Identify factors contributing to simulator sickness and how to minimize the effects.

Miriam Watson, OTR, CDRS

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