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Chiropractic Student

Nutrition 115

Clinical Detoxification: Part 1


  • Identify the sources of toxic exposure in modern industrial society, the prevalence of exposure, and the health ramifications of elevated total toxic body burden
  • Associate a multitude of common symptomatic complaints (ie: fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, skin problems, global pain, etc.) with foundational metabolic disorders related to issues such as elevated total toxic load and "leaky gut"
  • Discover the specific biochemical methodology utilized by human metabolism to render toxins harmless and excrete them from the body
  • Explain the inherent complications within the normal detoxification process related to the formation of toxic intermediates and the increase in oxidative stress
  • Explore the effect of elevated oxidative stress on mitochondrial function and cellular energy production

David Brady, DC, ND, CCN, DACBN

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