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Chiropractic Student

Neurology 122

Trans-spinal Direct Current Stimulation (ts-DC)


  • Understand the differences and similarities between TENs, low voltage and high voltage galvanic and be able to use this knowledge to select the most appropriate type to stimulation for use in ts-DC applications
  • Apply precautions, other safety considerations and informed consent when administering high voltage galvanic stimulation for non-invasive spinal cord stimulation.
  • Craft evidence-based treatment strategies using ts-DC stimulation for pain control and modulation of both ascending sensory and descending motor pathways based on recently published literature on central nervous systems effects of direct current stimulation.
  • Be able to select optimal electrode placement for ts-DC based on clinical presentation of the patient
  • Understand the basic technique for non-invasive Stellate Ganglion transcutaneous stimulation and its possible application for sympathetic maintained pain.

George Kukurin, DC, DACAN

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