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Chiropractic Student

Neurology 116

Neuropathy - Treatment Applications


  • Contrast historical versus neuroanatomical theories of acupuncture
  • Describe the 4 basic mechanisms of acupuncture analgesia.
  • Identify and utilize the local, segmental and central effects of acupuncture for neuropathy pain control
  • Combine nutraceutical substances that may enhance the effectiveness of acupuncture
  • Prepare a comprehensive acupuncture point prescription for maximum analgesic effects in patients suffering from neuropathy 
  • Contrast real versus placebo acupuncture and discuss the pitfalls in placebo controlled trials
  • Utilized knowledge of the effects of acupuncture on GABA, Glutamate & 5HTP to maximize acupuncture analgesia in neuropathy patients
  • Utilize basic pharmacognosy to support and enhance the neurotransmitter effects of acupuncture
  • Apply sensory stimulation techniques to promote Neurotrophic factors in nerve repair and regeneration
  • Apply the basic science of acupuncture as a bridge to non-invasive neuromodulation in neuropathy patients

George Kukurin, DC, DACAN

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