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Chiropractic Student

Acupuncture 461

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels; Principles of Treatment and Combination of Points: A Comprehensive Study on Crafting Acupuncture Treatment Strategies.


  • Cite the clinical applications of the Governing Vessel
  • Recall the clinical applications of the Directing Vessel
  • Distinguish the five branches of the Penetrating Vessel
  • Relate the clinical applications of the Girdle Vessel
  • Give examples of the clinical applications of the Yang Stepping Vessel
  • Discuss how the Yin and Yang Stepping Vessels combine in Pathology
  • Recognize the importance of adopting the correct treatment principle
  • Point out how the Root and Manifestation relate to each other
  • Describe how a Manifestation can become a Root of further Manifestations
  • Explain the importance of tracing clinical manifestations back to their Roots
  • Summarize the importance of knowing when to tonify Qi or expel pathogenic factors
  • Recognize the importance of being aware of residual pathogenic factors
  • Compare herbal treatment and acupuncture

James Ventresca, DOM

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