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Chiropractic Student

Acupuncture 456

Diagnosis by Palpation: A Comprehensive Study on Palpation, Focusing on the Radial Pulse


  • Describe the role of the radial pulse in diagnosis
  • Give examples of the problems inherent in pulse diagnosis
  • Discuss the clinical significance of the three levels of the pulse
  • List the factors to take into account when evaluating the pulse
  • Recognize signs from palpating the temperature, moisture, and texture of the skin
  • Explain how palpation of the abdomen provides valuable diagnostic information
  • Recognize the various forms taken by 'Excess of Yang' and 'Deficiency of Yang'
  • Recognize the various forms taken by 'Excess of Yin' and 'Deficiency of Yin'
  • Summarize the diagnostic significance of the sounds of breathing, cough, vomiting, hiccup, borborygmi, sighing etc.
  • Analyze the implications of ascending/descending and entering/exiting of Qi
  • Point out the significance of the smell of bodily secretions
  • Identify the Full/Empty nature of a condition, according to the presence or absence of a pathogenic factor and the strength of the body's Qi

James Ventresca, DOM

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