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Chiropractic Doctor

Rehab 132
Rehabilitation of the Spine Made Easy


Hour 1:

  • Describe common biomechanically terminology related to rehabilitation such as work, force, mass, vector, strength and power.
  • Comprehend the functional biomechanics of the lunge, and squat.
  • Identify regressive and progressive nature to common squat and lunge exercises.
  • Describe the appropriate standard of care and the process associated with the doctor-patient encounter regarding the evaluation, and management of patients using rehabilitative exercises.   

Hour 2:

  • Classify the “McGill Big 3,” and discuss their clinical significance with those with spinal pain.
  • Describe an appropriate hip hinge technique for your patients.
  • Describe the differences between abdominal bracing and hallowing techniques.
  • Review common evidence-based exercise procedures for spinal pain.
Hour 3:
  • Apply the scientific foundations of neuromuscular re-education, and explore major guidelines and evidence-based practices for spinal pain.
  • Construct a treatment plan and exercise script for patient centered care.
  • Describe a case scenario involved spinal degeneration and how to create a treatment plan.
  • Synthesize the justification and efficacy of evidence-based exercises for different axial spine protocols.

Jennifer Illes, DC

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