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Chiropractic Assistant

Laser 205
Advanced Pediatric Care - Integrative Wellness for Children


  • Apply Laser Basics with Pediatric Care
  • Update on Skeletal Development
  • Outline the Safety of Laser with Growth Plates
  • Discuss Laser Basics and Brain Development
  • Describe Brain Development
  • Integrate Neurologic rehabilitation with Laser
  • Describe Fetal Development in utero
  • Discuss Infection risk
  • Integrate Laser and bi-stable infection balance
  • Summarize Pediatric Obesity
  • Apply Laser therapy and body re-composition
  • Integrate laser treatments with laboratory assessment in children
  • Integrate laser into clinical pediatric practice

Marc Funderlich Jr, BPS, DC, CCS

AudioVisual Course

$120.00 USD

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