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Chiropractic Assistant

Laser 203
Performance Optimization - Improving Outcomes through Clinical Analysis


  • Review common conditions and how low-level laser affects treatment outcome
  • Describe the Opioid Epidemic
  • Discuss Low Level Laser Therapy FDA Clearances
  • Analyze FDA Study details and research validation
  • Perform myotome Testing - Neck and Shoulder 
  • Utilize 635 nm red correction
  • Perform Myotome Testing - Neck and Shoulder
  • Utilitze 405 nm FDA Clearance correction
  • Utilize 405 nm identifying hidden weaknesses
  • Demonstrate Soft tissue/percussion - Neck and Shoulder
  • Explain laser physics at a cellular level
  • Perform myotome Testing - Low Back 
  • Utilize 635 nm red correction
  • Demonstrate Soft tissue/percussion - Lower back
  • Discuss Low Level Laser Therapy FDA Clearance Plantar Fasciitis
  • Utilize rehabilitation - Slant Board / Calf Master
  • Identify normal vs abnormal length and strengthen the low physical capacity related to foot/knee symptoms of the patient
  • Recite PubMed studies in regard to the health benefits of scoring and improving structure and soft tissue
  • Examine how your physical capacity score predicts Activities of Daily Living and health outcomes
  • Discuss a neuro-mechanical treatment approach
  • Provide nutritional support for your patients

Jerome Rerucha DC, CSCS, CHPS

AudioVisual Course

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