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    The Neuroanatomy of Primary Homeostatic Acupoints

    • NCCAOM Approved for AOM-Biomedicine 3 hours
    • Evaluate the three types of Acupoints
    • Discuss the neuroanatomy of the 24 primary homeostatic Acupoints
    • Identify symptomatic (ASHI) Acupoints and evaluate their spinal mechanisms
    • Indicate the principles of using spinal segmentation in Acupuncture Therapy
    • Use quantitative evaluation to predict the efficacy of Acupuncture therapy
    • Collect information to evaluate a patients healing potential
    • Prevent syncope and needling reaction during Acupuncture Treatment
    • Recognize placebo and nocebo effects in Acupuncture Pain Management

    Jeff Swift, DC, DABCN


    $70.00 USD

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