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Functional Medicine and Nutrition Virtual Classroom 216
Nutritional Genomics of Autoimmunity and Chronic Inflammation


Hour 1:

  • Summarize the differences between genomics, genetics, and epigenetics
  • Illustrate how genomics can affect risk and outcomes in auto-immune and inflammatory conditions
  • Interpret relative function of genes based on presence of relevant SNPs
  • Identify genes and SNPS involved in autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation
  • Assess Dietary, Lifestyle and Herb/Nutrient recommendations based on genomics

 Hour 2:

  • Apply nutritional genomics in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Outline basic disease pathogenesis in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases
  • Explain which genes and SNPs are relevant depending on the clinical scenario
  • Assess other contributors to chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease

Rob Boyd, ND, CNS

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