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Functional Medicine and Nutrition Virtual Classroom 211
Therapeutic Essential Oils Clinical Applications


Hour 1

  • Describe the characteristics and mechanisms of actions of essential oils.
  • Explain several key controversies in aromatherapy and the implications.
  • Generalize the safety and quality issues surrounding the clinical use of essential oils.
  • Compare the various modes of applications of essential oils.
  • Summarize the pharmacology and biotransformation of essential oils and its constituents.
  • Recognize the potential interactions of essential oils with medications and nutraceuticals.

Hour 2 

  • Generalize the various considerations for prescribing essential oils.
  • Calculate equivalent dosages of essential oils using several different units of measurement.
  • Apply the guidelines for appropriate prescribing the internal use of essential oils.
  • Determine the proper application and dosage for various essential oils used for digestive health.
  • Specify the usage and dose determination for essential oils for mental health.

Sarah LoBisco, ND, IFMCP

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