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    Acupuncture The Major Elements

    Hour 1-3

    • Identify the 3 types of acupuncture points and identify what a homeostatic point is
    • Describe the phases (latent, passive and active) of acupuncture points
    • Illustrate the anatomical characteristics that make up all acupuncture points
    • Outline the location of 25 commonly used homeostatic acupuncture points
    • Differentiate discrete anatomical characteristics that make up homeostatic acupuncture points
    • Explain the common indications and cautions for use of the homeostatic acupuncture points
    • Review the neuroanatomy of spinal nerves and explain how it relates to paravertebral (Bladder Shu) points
    • Discuss and demonstrate needling technique for the homeostatic acupuncture points
    • Demonstrate point location

    Hour 4-5

    • Describe and summarize the mechanisms by which acupuncture exerts effect on pain modulation and musculoskeletal function
    • Describe joint and muscle mechanoreceptor anatomy and physiology and how they relate to acupuncture
    • Define and discuss the ascending and descending neurological pathways affected by acupuncture
    • Outline the importance of cortical representation and the sensory/motor homunculus and relate them to acupuncture points with examples
    • Demonstrate the importance of the cerebellum and its role in acupuncture treatment of musculoskeletal disorders

    Hour 6-7

    • Discuss the Ren Mai’s overall function
    • Introduce a selection of clinically useful points on the Ren Mai (Conception Vessel) meridian
    • Discuss the Du Mai’s overall function
    • Introduce a selection of clinically useful points on the Du Mai (Governing Vessel) meridian
    • Explore the anatomy and indications surrounding LV14

    Hour 8-10

    • Describe the history of the San Jiao
    • Associate the San Jiao to Vagal Nerve function
    • Breakdown each of the 3 “burners” into their component parts
    • Review the salient points on the San Jiao Meridian
    • Summarize the function and indications of the Shu Points and apply that to the San Jiao channel

    Ivo Waerlop, DC

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