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New Courses Just Added

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

We are excited to announce the release of 4 more courses for Chiropractic Physicians! Courses include: Rehab 126, Research Trends 118, Neurology 209f and Documentation 174. Be sure to check back on a regular basis as we are always adding new courses.

For Chiropractic Doctors, we are now offering: Rehab 126 - Spinal Considerations – Radiculopathy, Hyperkyphosis, Cervical Impulsive Loads. This is a 1.0 credit hour course instructed by Thistle, DC. The objectives of this course include:
•    Identify how the sciatic nerve and adjacent nervous structures respond to tensioning and sliding techniques
•    Appraise the potential benefit of adding forward head posture corrective exercise to the management of lumbosacral radiculopathy
•    Compare clinical and muscle function outcomes of patients randomized to one of two early multimodal rehabilitation programs following single-level lumbar discectomy
•    Analyze the influence of neck strength and muscle activation status on resultant head kinematics after impulsive loading to the head/neck
•    Assess the efficacy of corrective exercise interventions for reducing thoracic hyper-kyphosis

Learn more about the Rehab 126 Course by clicking here.

Research Trends 118 - Statins - current research, alternatives and side effects is now available for Chiropractic Doctors. This is a 1.0 credit hour course instructed by Goldenberg, ND. Educational objectives for this course include:
•    Outline the effect of statins on cardiovascular and mortality outcomes in primary prevention.
•    Critique bias in the literature and understand how it plays out in the statin evidence base.
•    Differentiate statin benefits based on baseline risk and level of prevention.
•    Explain the benefits of statin alternatives in statin intolerant populations.
•    Assess the strength of association between statin medications and commonly ascribed side effects.

Learn more about the Research Trends 118 Course by clicking here.

Now available for Chiropractic Doctors is Neurology 209f - Aspects of Lower Motor Neuron Paralysis.  Anterior Poliomyelitis, Polio Vaccination and Chiropractic Treatment. This 4.0 credit hour course is instructed by Ferezy, DC, DACAN, FIACN. Course objectives include:
•    Compare and contrast chiropractors of the 1940s with modern day chiropractors.
•    Define neuropathy.
•    Recite the major points related to chiropractic physical rehabilitation of neuropathy.
•    Contrast and compare medical treatment of polio in the 1940s, to chiropractic treatment of polio at the same time.
•    List potential reasons related to public hygiene which may account for disease epidemics.
•    Discuss facts related to "Sister Kenny" in regard to her credentials, her claims, and her notoriety.
•    Itemize the early chiropractic colleges and discuss Willard Carver school of thought and the "mixers".
•    Critically evaluate the world health organization's campaign to eradicate polio.
•    Discuss the ethics of herd immunity.
•    Compare and contrast individual interests vs. societal interests.
•    Discuss the types, risks and benefits of the inactive polio virus (injected).
•    Discuss the risks and benefits of the oral polio virus (live, attenuated).
•    List the types of wild polio virus.
•    Define vaccine associated paralytic polio mile items (VAPP)
•    Define circulating vaccine derived polio virus.
•    Discuss the concepts of risk: benefit ratio.
•    Discuss the transmission and pathophysiology and list the presenting signs and symptoms of a polio virus infection.
•    List the different types of Polio virus infection.
•    Quantify the various affects of the polio virus on different groups of individuals.
•    Itemize ethical concerns regarding Dr. Jonas Salk.
•    Graph the incidence of polio cases after other vaccines were introduced and after the definition of a polio diagnosis was altered.
•    Discuss SV40 tainted vaccines.
•    Define acute flaccid paralysis as it relates to new “non-polio” outbreaks.

Learn more about the Neurology 209f Course by clicking here.

Documentation 174 - Compliant Documentation for Adjusting Multiple Spinal Regions is now being offered. This is a 1.0 credit hour course instructed by Mills Chang, MCS-P, CCPC. Objectives for this course include: 
•    Interpret in documentation, the difference between active, medically necessary care vs. clinically appropriate but possibly maintenance adjustments
•    Able to distinguish compensatory vs. primary subluxations and document them properly
•    Specify proper documentation techniques as a full spine adjuster
•    Demonstrate the ability to classify documentation for each chiropractic technique employed

Learn more about the Documentation 174 Course by clicking here.