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NEW Courses Available!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We are always expanding our course base and are excited to announce two new course offerings and one new topic! 

For our Chiropractic Doctors, we are now offering: Nutrition 142 - Chronic Pain, Intermittent Fasting, Low Back Pain & Exercise Considerations. The objectives of this course:

•    Examine the effects of various foods on immune cells and chronic pain
•    Summarize the best available human evidence on intermittent fasting and its proposed health benefits
•    Determine, clinically and biologically, whether glucosamine supplementation can help with low back pain, intervertebral and arthritic lumbar spine problems
•    Discuss the nutritional regulation and maximization of muscle protein synthesis when combined with resistance training
•    Investigate increasing energy intake as a potential compensatory response to exercise which may inhibit weight loss

Learn more about the Nutrition 142 Course by clicking here.

Recently we started offering a brand new topic on Womens Health for Chiropractic Doctors. Our first course is titled Womens Health 201 - Foundations in Core And Pelvic Floor Health. Womens Health 201 objectives include:

•    Identify the bony landmarks in the pelvic region
•    Name the four layers of abdominal muscles and describe their orientation
•    Summarize core strength in relation to pelvic positioning and rib stability
•    Describe intra-abdominal pressure
•    List two major skeletal displacements the psoas can accomplish
•    Describe four types of pelvic floor dysfunction
•    Give two examples of when Kegels are contraindicated
•    Justify the role for a biopsychosocial model of health in pelvic floor rehabilitation
•    List three recommendations for Diastasis Rectus Abdominis related to pelvic positioning and functional movement

Learn more about the Womens Health 201 Course by clicking here.