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Homeopathy 201 - Acute Care Homeopathy for Knee Injuries

Acute Care Homeopathy for Knee Injuries


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  • NCCAOM Approved for Professional Enhancement 1 hour
  • Recognize acute situations for which homeopathic remedies are appropriate and effective
  • Apply limited homeopathic remedies to acute care situations that arise in practice and day- to-day life
  • Evaluate methods of application of homeopathic remedies to fit the situation at hand
  • Distinguish between the available homeopathic remedies for a specific situation in order to select the most appropriate remedy for the individual
  • Use homeopathic remedies in concert with existing therapeutic training

NCCAOM Providers:  By registering for this course, I understand that the information in this course presented by the Provider and/orInstructor(s) is for educational purposes only and should only be applied with appropriateclinical judgment and used by a trained and licensed practitioner. Governmental laws andregulations vary from region to region and the contents of this course vary in permissibleusage. The participant is required to check their local, state, and federal laws and regulationsregarding the practice requirements and scope of practice issues and the use of theinformation of this course including, but not limited to, theory, herbal medicine, andacupuncture. I acknowledge that NCCAOM does not endorse any specific treatment regimensof any kind. Furthermore, if I use any modalities or treatments taught in this course, I agree towaive, release, indemnify, discharge, and covenant not to sue NCCAOM from and against anyliability, claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever, arising out of any injury, loss, ordamage that a person may sustain related to the use of the information in this course. I understand that this Release is governed by the laws of District of Columbia, U.S.A. and shallsurvive the termination or expiration of this course.

Richard Powers, DC

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