Biomechanics - Chiropractic Student

Biomechanics 201

Introduction to Gait: Pedographs and Gait Analysis


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  • Explain the phases of human walking gait
  • Discuss the biomechanical events associated with stance phase of gait
  • Discuss the biomechanical events associated with swing phase of gait
  • Explain biomechanically what is happening during each phase of gait in the foot, ankle, knee and hip
  • Discuss the 3 rockers of the foot and how they apply to the gait cycle
  • Understand the calcaneocuboid locking mechanism and defend it's importance in the stance phase of gait
  • Summarize the ranges of motion of the foot, ankle, knee and hip and their importance in normal gait
  • Explain how stance phase abnormalities would impact the gait cycle
  • Demonstrate competency in obtaining a reproducible Pedograph print
  • Interpret rearfoot, midfoot and forefoot mechanics as seen on a pedograph print
  • Identify and interpret problem areas in a pedograph print
  • Identify stance phase abnormalities on a Pedograph print
  • Extrapolate pathomechanics which would occur rostrally in the kinetic chain during pathomechanics occurring in the gait cycle
  • Evaluate the impact of gait abnormalities on human locomotion

Ivo Waerlop/Shawn Allen, DC

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