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Course Categories for Profession: Licensed Dietitians and Nutritionists
Category Instructors
Abuse - Child and Elder Richard Saporito, DC
AIDS and Infectious Disease Dean Smith, DC, PhD - Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Ron Steriti, ND, PhD - Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Cardiopulmonary Rehab Rocco Labbadia, RPT
Cultural Competency Angelica Redleaf, DC
Ethics for Professionals Paul Powers, DC, DABCN - Richard Saporito, DC
Evidence Based Care Gary Italia, DC, PhD
Geriatric Rehab Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT
Medical Errors Virginia Norris-Schafer, DC, MD
Risk Management and Malpractice Jacob Ladenheim, JD - Peter Van Tyle, Esq
Wound Management Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT
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Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters for Initial Licensure 
AIDS 103 - Manual Therapy Interventions for People Living with HIV Disease AIDS 104 - Nutritional Deficiencies in AIDS Patients
AIDS 105 - Bioelectromagnetic Therapies for HIV/AIDS AIDS 106 - HIV Facts and Information
AIDS 107 - Information for Health Care Workers AIDS 108 - HIV and AIDS Update: Caring for A Person With HIV and AIDS
AIDS 109 - AIDS: Clinical Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment AIDS 110 - HIV and Nutrition
AIDS 111 - Global Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS AIDS 112 - Neurological and Cardiovascular Complications of HIV Infection
AIDS 113 - Immune Response to HIV Cardiopulmonary 101 - Cardiopulmonary Anatomy
Cardiopulmonary 102 - Cardiopulmonary Physiology Cardiopulmonary 103 - Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology
Cardiopulmonary 104 - Clinical Assessment of the Cardiopulmonary System Cardiopulmonary 105 - Body Positioning
Cardiopulmonary 106 - Clinical Application of Airway Clearance Techniques ACTS Cardiopulmonary 107 - Patient Education
Cultural Competency 201 - Developing An Appreciation, Sensitivity, Knowledge and Skills in Caring for Those From Other Races, Cultures, Ages, etc. Cultural Competency 202 - How to Develop the Needed Skills and Understanding to Care for the Rising Latino Population in the US
Cultural Competency 203 - Become a Culturally Competent Provider - Caring for: Asians, Blacks, Middle Easterners, etc. Ethical Awareness 201 - Legal Foundations
Ethical Awareness 202 - Ethical Foundations Ethical Awareness 203 - The Law of Health Care Malpractice
Ethical Awareness 204 - Intentional Wrongs Ethical Awareness 205 - Ethical and Legal Issues in Employment
Ethical Awareness 206 - Business Law and Ethics Ethical Awareness 207 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Education
Ethical Awareness 208 - Ethics in Focus Ethics for Professionals 101 - Morality and Ethics in Professional Practice
Ethics for Professionals 102 - Ethical Problems, Ethical Distress and Ethical Dilemma's Ethics for Professionals 103 - The Analysis of Ethical Problems in Professional Life
Ethics for Professionals 104 - Ethics of Confidential Information Ethics for Professionals 105 - Informed Consent
Evidence Based Care 201 - The Control of Food Intake and Absorption of Nutrients and Drug - Nutrient Interactions Evidence Based Care 202 - Food Hypersensitivity, Allergy and Intolerance
Evidence Based Care 203 - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Colorectal Cancer and Short Bowel Syndrome Evidence Based Care 204 - Enteral Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition, Thermal Injury and Nutrition and Liver Disease
Evidence Based Care 205 - HIV, Palliative Care, Renal Disease and Diabetes Evidence Based Care 206 - Fundamental Ethical Principles in Sport Medicine
Geriatric Rehab 101 - Geriatric Pharmacology Geriatric Rehab 102 - Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults
Geriatric Rehab 103 - Cognition in the Aging Adult Geriatric Rehab 104 - Evaluation of the Acute and Medically Complex Patient
Geriatric Rehab 105 - Impaired Aerobic Capacity/Endurance Geriatric Rehab 106 - Impaired Muscle Performance
Geriatric Rehab 107 - Impaired Motor Control Geriatric Rehab 108 - Impaired Posture
Geriatric Rehab 109 - Ambulation: Impact of Age-Related Changes on Functional Mobility Geriatric Rehab 110 - Balance and Falls
Geriatric Rehab 111 - Management of Urinary Incontinence in Men and Women Geriatric Rehab 112 - Conservative Pain Management for Older Adults
Geriatric Rehab 113 - Wellness for the Aging Adult Geriatric Rehab 114 - Hospice and End of Life
Medical Errors 101 - Avoiding Medical Errors Risk 111 - Malpractice Primer: The Basics
Risk 112 - Fee-Splitting, Self Referrals and Kickbacks: Steering Clear of Prohibited Healthcare Arrangement Risk 113 - Avoiding Ethical Landmines and Criminality in Your Healthcare Employment Agreement
Risk 114 - Selling a Healthcare Practice: Ethical, Legal, Financial and Tax Considerations Risk 115 - Administrative and Clinical Risk Management Protection Strategies
Risk 116a - Recordkeeping and Documentation Rules Part 1 Risk 116b - Recordkeeping and Documentation Rules Part 2
Risk 116c - Recordkeeping and Documentation Rules Part 3 Risk 117a - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 1
Risk 117b - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 2 Risk 117c - Pretrial and Trial Preparation Part 3
Risk 118 - Business Structure and Other Risk Reduction Strategies Risk 119 - Understanding the Legalities of Fee Discounts, Particularly Time-of-Service Discounts and Hardship Discounts - 6 Hour
Wound Management 106 - Anatomy and Physiology of Skin and Soft Tissue Wound Management 107 - Wound Healing Physiology
Wound Management 108 - Types of Skin Damage and Differential Diagnosis Wound Management 109 - Skin and Wound Inspection and Assessment
Wound Management 110 - Pressure Ulcers: Impact, Etiology and Classification Wound Management 111 - Developing and Maintaining a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program
Wound Management 112 - Support Surfaces Wound Management 113 - Neuropathic Wounds: The Diabetic Wound
Wound Management 114 - Wound Debridement Wound Management 115 - Topical Management
Wound Management 116 - Electrical Stimulation Wound Management 117 - Ultraviolet Light and Ultrasound
Wound Management 118 - Burns Wound Management 119 - Surgical Wounds and Incision Care