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Washington State Suicide Assessment and Referral
This Course has Been Approved by the Washington Department of Health as an Approved Training Program for the Mandated Suicide Assessment CE Requirement and is Listed on the Model List of Suicide Training for Health Professionals


  • Compare and contrast the profile of suicide in the US and Washington State
  • Describe the etiology of suicidal behavior in terms of biological, psychosocial, societal and cultural factors
  • Explain the continuum of self-protective behavioral responses
  • List common myths about suicidal behaviors
  • Discuss the theories of suicidal motivation
  • Explain the effect of suicide on others
  • Describe risk factors for suicide
  • Describe protective factors
  • Identify primary motivators of suicidal behavior in different age cohorts
  • Outline the etiology of suicidal behavior in military personnel and the LGBTQ+ community
  • Describe the role of screening in the health care practice
  • List common screening tools
  • List the NIMH 5 Action Steps
  • Identify key strategies of suicide prevention in the community
  • Discuss ways to engage the family in protecting their loved one
  • Explain the need for follow up and referral

Richard Saporito, DC

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