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Meditation 201

  • Define meditation
  • Describe the interpretation of dream image(s) from both a Jungian and Gestalt perspective
  • Outline a visualization exercise that addresses issues at all seven chakra levels
  • Compare the spiritual views and commitments of Fowler’s Seven Stages of Faith
  • Explain the principles and practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Outline how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be applied to the management of a patient’s pain
  • Describe how the principles and practices of couples-meditation can be applies to the hospital settings when one of the partners is hospitalized
  • Outline how the principles and practices of family-meditation can be tailoring it to hospital settings when a member of the family is hospitalized
  • Detail how an aging patient can most fruitfully view and experience their approaching death, employing both Jungian and Eriksonian developmental models regarding individuation and ego-integrity, respectively
  • Describe the use of the principles and practices of meditation to maintain healthy boundaries between herself and her patient
  • Summarize, from all he/she has learned in this course regarding his/her patients, how these principles and practices can be employed in order to take care of him-/herself as well as the patient in the many stressful situations that comprise the nurse’s daily work
  • Summarize the steps of meditation practice

Blackwell, PhD/Mayes, PhD, PysD

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