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Guidelines for Manual Techniques 107

Revealing Pitfalls and Precautions Hidden in the Respiratory, Endocrine, Reproductive and Urinary Systems. System Conditions and Their Medications


  • Outline and explain conditions in the respiratory, endocrine, reproductive and urinary systems, specifically the specific contraindications to manual therapy
  • Differentiate the clinical differences between the common cold, the flu, and acute bronchitis, and detail the different approaches for manual therapy needed for each
  • Compare asthma, allergies, pneumonia and tuberculosis, and discuss the specific manual therapy needs and precautions for these conditions
  • Explain pulmonary embolisms, with specific focus on the threat from manual therapies, as well as appropriate contraindications and proactive actions for the manual therapist
  • Detail the differences in respiratory medications, including which are likely to produce headaches, dizziness and/or postural hypotension, including specific action steps for the manual therapist
  • Describe in clear, concise terms the medical terminology and differences in various reproductive system conditions, including PID, PCOS, fibroids, and BPH, including the exactly what concerns the practicing manual therapist must be alert to
  • Explain how diabetes and the medications used to treat the disease make this one of the most complex conditions for the manual therapist
  • Outline the various types of medication used to treat the endocrine and reproductive systems and detail the specific manual therapy precautions necessary in each
  • Differentiate the clinical differences between GERD, PUD, and IBD as well as the medications used to treat them, focusing on the different precautions and contraindications for manual therapy needed for each
  • Discuss the urinary system conditions from kidney stones to ESRD, as well as the pharmaceutical interventions for these conditions, with specific attention given to the boundaries and precautions the manual therapist needs to be versed in

Bryan Born, DC

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