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Athletic Trainer

Foot Conditions 101
Osteoarthritis of the Ankle Joint, Rheumatic Disease and Gout


Part I: OA of the Ankle Joint

  • List 5 predisposing factors of OA of the ankle joint
  • Explain the diagnosis of OA of the ankle joint
  • Describe 5 functional impairments as a result of OA of the ankle joint
  • Outline various management strategies for the treatment of OA including pharmacological, physical, surgical and educational strategies
  • Explain the future directions for research and management of OA of the ankle joint

Part II: Rheumatic Disease

  • Examine the classification system for rheumatic diseases
  • Outline and explain components involved in the diagnosis of rheumatic disease including diagnostic markers, disease activity, imaging, history, clinical exam and blood investigations
  • Describe management strategies for early treatment
  • Examine general foot health management
  • Assess goal-directed treatment strategies

Part III: Gout

  • Investigate the prevalence of gout
  • Outline and describe the pathogenesis of gout
  • Identify management strategies including pharmacological, physical, surgical and education strategies for the management of gout
  • Examine and outline the diagnosis and classification for the diagnosis of gout

Joanne Brown, MS, OT, CHT

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