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Course Categories for Profession: Nursing
Category Instructors
Abuse - Child and Elder Saporito, DC
Anti Aging Certificate Program Italia, DC, PhD
Cultural Competency Redleaf, DC
Ethics for Professionals Powers, DC, DABCN
Meditation Blackwell, PhD/Mayes, PhD, PysD
Suicide Assessment Saporito, DC
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Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters - Course Brochure Abuse - Child for PA Mandatory Reporters for Initial Licensure - Course Brochure
Anti Aging Certificate Program - Course Brochure Cultural Competency 201 - Course Brochure
Developing an appreciation, sensitivity, knowledge and skills in caring for those from other races, cultures, ages, etc.
Ethics for Professionals 101 -
Course Brochure - OT-OTA
Course Brochure - Nursing
Morality and Ethics in Professional practice
Ethics for Professionals 101 - 105 -
Course Brochure - Nursing
Course Group includes all Ethics for Professionals Courses numbered 101 thru 105
Ethics for Professionals 102 -
Course Brochure - OT-OTA
Course Brochure - Nursing
Ethical Problems, Ethical Distress and Ethical Dilemma's
Ethics for Professionals 103 -
Course Brochure - OT-OTA
Course Brochure - Nursing
The Analysis of Ethical Problems in Professional life
Ethics for Professionals 104 -
Course Brochure - OT-OTA
Course Brochure - Nursing
Ethics of Confidential Information
Ethics for Professionals 105 -
Course Brochure - OT/OTA
Course Brochure - Nursing
Informed Consent
Meditation 201 - Course Brochure Suicide Assessment 201 - 202 - Course Brochure
Course Group includes all Suicide Assessment Courses numbered 201 thru 202